With each person that is part of our life we ​​establish an agreement of souls.

This means that, long ago, in the kingdom of souls, we promised to have a special encounter, to share life, to model the experience, to complete another soul, by uniting with it in this earthly life.

The agreements between the souls are commitments for the growth of the soul in conjunction with another. In this way, we embark on the journey towards a state of awareness and total openness that mystics call "enlightenment".

These commitments are the reason why, at times, we feel a strange connection with another person; other times, we do not understand that someone with a difficult character is part of our life, or we simply ask ourselves why we go through life with someone, as if there was a tacit agreement that in turn can end abruptly.

As members of this community of souls gathered together in life on Earth, we have agreed not only to remind others about the original pure state, but also to do everything possible within the infinitely changing human existence, in order to ensure the growth of our own soul and those of others.

Some people come to the world to be beautiful and strong, others to be complicated or rare; some to die young and to teach us through the desolation of such terrible loss; others, to live many years and instruct us through their wisdom. 

However, no matter what our role is, we are all part of this great spiritual destiny that mainly consists in remembering our eternal essence and directing our actions towards the final union.

It is so that each person we know, in good or terrible situations, brief or lasting and each relationship that we are part of represents a small scene in the eternal human set, whose purpose is the development of the soul.

By noticing this, one can be amazed and understand that each person present in our life has an important purpose: to come into contact with our soul and make it grow; that every relationship exists to sharpen the conscience of our soul.

Thus, no one is strange to us anymore, no relationship can be seen as an error or a failure. In the light of the Spirit, we understand that we are fulfilling our role, in view of the realization of a perfect and eternal plan.



"The Things to do are: the things that need doing, that you see need to be done, and that no one else seems to see need to be done. Then you will conceive your own way of doing that which needs to be done — that no one else has told you to do or how to do it. This will bring out the real you that often gets buried inside a character that has acquired a superficial array of behaviors induced or imposed by others on the individual."

— 1970 letter to Micheal, a 10-year-old boy who had inquired in a letter as to whether Buckminster Fuller was a "doer" or a "thinker"

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Mariana Garcia Solana

I arrived in Quintana Roo from Mexico City in 2001. I lived a couple of years in Cancun and in 2004 II moved to Playa del Carmen, where I started working in the sustainable rural ecotourism company Alltournative

That experience motivated me to move to live in the Mayan zone, where I reside from 2005 in the community of Tres Reyes, on the border between Quintana Roo and Yucatán, very close to the Area

Natural Protected Punta Laguna, in Yucatan. 

Since I have resided here, I have dedicated myself to promoting sustainable development in the communities of the area, and I have developed educational activities for residents as for visitors. 

This resulted in beginning to design programs and projects of Corporate Social Responsibility for Tourism and hotel companies in the Riviera Maya, among they highlight Hotel Banyan Tree and Fairmont Mayakoba, and Ritz Carlton Cancun. 

Since 2006 I established the Center for Research and Environmental Education of the Maya Zone, MEER Center for its acronym in English, advised by the Doctor of Environmental Sciences Dr. Clifford Cockerham, of the organization

American Psysichians for Social Responsibility, in Tennessee, USA. From this platform I have

organized educational trips for the microscopy school of Merritt College, California, and schools

of higher secondary education Le Saliesien, Quebec Canada, Tomás Alva Edison, Mexico City, and Colegio Suizo, Mexico, among which stand out itinerary organization, recreational activities and educational, lodging, food, guided tours, lodging in ecotourism centers and visit to

archaeological zones. 

Further  two or three times a year we carry out medical consultations in the Mayan zone, with the support of the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and Oklahoma, USA, with the Power of a Nickel Foundation. In these trips, a score of students from senior medicine visit the Riviera Maya together with a dozen medical specialists to carry out a social service program in which more than 100 people benefit each day with medical consultations and medications; for which we coordinate all your logistics, transfers,

lodging, food and translators.

At Alltournative I had the opportunity to grow and work with different areas, such as sales

direct, promotion in hotels in the center of Playa del Carmen, call center agent, assistant

commercial area, development of special projects, customized tours, circuits and packages with

lodgings and transfers, assistant general manager, sale of airport transfers, coordination of food and beverages, sale of photos and merchandising, and the coordination of social and altruistic Monitor and operate the Sportismo al Natural de Alltournative and Deportes Martí promotion

with stays of 4 days for 12 families, and coordinated the partnership between Living Social and Alltournative for market seasons of 5-day stays for 2 people, with a first season of 450

clients, with weekly arrivals in groups of up to 20 people, coordinating in all transportation,

development of activities and lodging. 

In Centinelas del Agua I consolidated several Development projects Sustainable and participated in the development of its first strategic plan. 

I have actively participated as a Consultant for Sustainable Tourism at the Technological University of Cancún for the department of Development of Alternative Projects (DPA) and I have given several conferences, usually in the framework of World Tourism Day.

As a main project I have designed and operated educational circuits lasting several days and

various activities, for groups of up to 45 people. 

I have also ventured into the modality of Community Social Tourism called Volunturismo, through which visitors receive a deal more personal, and the experience is not based on the natural beauties of the area they visit, but on the the warmth of the people they come in contact with, as well as enrich their experience with the direct contact with local customs and traditions, in turn carrying out support activities community, such as work in backyard gardens, maintenance of educational infrastructure or recreation, preparation of regional foods or preparation of sauces, jams and preserves for its subsequent sale in organic markets by the host community. 

I have organized activities donation of community equipment, such as a breadmaker, a doctor's office, and a computer room with free internet access.


Liliana Gomez Flores

Liliana is a molecular biologist, doctor in human genetics and researcher at the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico. 

She has dedicated the last 15 years to the understanding of health from holistic compression. She worked for 8 years in an integrative medicine center where she served as general coordinator. 

She is certificated by Stanford University in child nutrition. Liliana has diplomas for aromatherapy, homeopathy and Mexican herbalism and ayurveda and floral therapy. 

She has developed more than 70 natural health care products. Currently, she is the director of Flora & Apolo, a company dedicated to the development and production of therapeutic oils and personal care potions, made from 100% organic, vegan sources, with fair trade practices. A percentage of the profits are destined for the support of indigenous women and in vulnerable conditions.


Lirio Herrera


* • Trainer nationwide of Naturopathy and Acupuncture with Instituto Alcocer and A.P. E. N. B. In Mexico. Currently • Microdosis and Herbalist Maya workshops, in the jungle of Valladolid, Q Roo • Nature's Sunshine herbal product trainer. Playa del Carmen Q Roo. 2013

* Meditation workshops and mantras for children, Playa del Carmen, Q Roo, 2013 • Trainer of Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Shiatsu, Tuina, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi, Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Mexican Massage School, Playa del Carmen 2011- 2013

* Reiki Master Mexican Massage College. Playa del Carmen 2012-13 • Training of Acupuncturists in Playa del Carmen, Q, Roo 2011 • Master Reiki - World Initiatives, point of light Garden of Shangrila Playa del Carmen, Q Roo, 2010

* • Naturopath and Acupuncturist in Cultural Center "Koko-Krishna", Body-Mind - Spirit. Therapies Courses conferences. 2006 • Production Manager - Responsible Chemistry "Supermax Corporation" SA de CV. Monterrey, N. L. Empresa Hindú Serial production of creams, lotions and maquila of shaving products for export to Latin America. 2005-2006 • Chemistry - Laboratory Manager. - Ayoma, by Reenita Malhotra Dallas TEX. USES. Preparation of Ayurvedic products and food supplements. (Stabilization in quality and image). 2004-2006. • Chemistry 

- Responsible for "Jupiter Wellness" SA de CV - Monterrey Nuevo León. Projects in Ayurvedic Medicine and medicinal plants. 2004-2006 • 

Master Reiki - "Mistic Spa" - Los Reyes, Michoacán. Mexico. 2004 • Master Reiki - Center of unknown dimension of Francis Helen - Miami Florida.2003-2004

* • "Unica" Radio Speaker - Miami radio station in the program "Dimension desconocida" and programs directed in Miami and from Mexico via telephone, for information links and advice on Reiki and alternative therapies. 2003-2004 • 

Lecturer. Radio "Caracol". Miami broadcaster in the daily program directed to the city of Colombia and the Colombian community in the USA. 2003-2004 • 

Consultant and Advisor - Area of ​​Transcendence through illness, as a means of path, to find holistic health. 1992-2006 • 

Academic Director - "Natural Health Center D'Lirio" AC. Pioneering institution in consulting and teaching Naturopathy - Monclova Coahuila. Mexico. 1998-2002 • 

Certified International Feng Shui Consultant. - Instructor and consultant. BTB, Compass. 2000 • Lecturer - National Level - ASUME (Association for Overcoming Mexico) 1992-2000 • 

Businesswoman - Responsible for "Bella Kara Facial Spa". (American franchise). Personalized attention in the application of state-of-the-art technologies in the treatment of facial and corporal problems. 2002-2004

* • Director - Naturist Clinic and Homeopathic Center "Dr. Assisi ", in the area of Physiatry. Monclova, Coahuila. 1992-2000 • 

Consultant and Counselor - Nutrition Area since 1992 - Monclova Coahuila. • Coordinator - Health Area in "Damas AHMSA". (10 years) * (Youth, 3rd Age, Women) 1992-2002 • Lecturer on Health, Nutrition, Feng Shui and quality of life. 1992-2006 • 

Producer - "Mujer" television program. (For 2 years), Monclova, Coahuila. 1994 • Professor - Organic Chemistry, Inorganic, Quantitative, Qualitative and Biology. University of Salamanca Guanajuato.1988-1989

* Professor - Organic Chemistry, Inorganic, Quantitative, Qualitative and Biology. Sacred Heart School San Luis Potosí, SLP 1988-1989 • 

Researcher - Department of Phytochemistry with Dr. Aldo Torre Florensano, at the UASLP. 1980

Author - 9 bibliographical essays:

* "Chemical and Bacteriological Contamination of Foods",

* "Better a gram of healing than a Tone of Healing"

* "Selection and Combination of points in Chinese Acupuncture".

* Manual of Naturopathy.

* Bach Flower Manual 3 levels, Basic, Women and Children.

* Feng Shui The Art of living in Harmony

* Biochemical and Neurological Bases in Acupuncture. Old points tables

* Biochemistry-natural mind. Relationship between emotions and internal Biochemistry health keys.



* APENB:. Professional Spanish Association of Naturopathy and Biotherapies

* UNAMTA MYTI, National Union of Associations, Physicians, Acupuncturist Technicians, Medicines and Integrative Therapies.

* Sociedad Mexicana de Terapia Celular, AC

* KNOW Certification and Evaluation in labor competences before SEP and STPS.

* Academic and Administrative Director of "Natural Health Center D Lirio" AC

* Association of International Iridology Bernard Jensen


* Student of the EMECU (Science, Philosophy and Metaphysics)

* Member of the teachings of Garuda, Bon PO

* International Feng Shui Association.

* Mexican Association of Scientific Herbal Medicine and Phytotherapy of the State of Nuevo León A.C.

Working Board


Gerardo Villanueva

Gerardo Villanueva

Gerardo Villanueva

Born in Mexico City in the 70s, in 1980 I moved to an ecological development, the only one in Mexico. 

There begins my interest in ecology and the care of the environment. We had rainwater harvesting, septic tank and solar energy, which made the way of life very different from that of the city.

I was always curious about life on this planet and how living things work, which is why I started studying biomedical engineering and then changed to biology. At the end of biology, it was very difficult to find a job that paid me well and I decided to turn to the kitchen.

I took a diploma in international gastronomy and started working in kitchens. Being in that I was interested in sowing my own ingredients and I started taking courses in organic agriculture, to finally get fully into this area.

I have been working with organic orchards for more than 20 years and for 4 years I have been involved in sytropic agroforestry which, in my opinion, is the best way to plant.


Eduardo Lafuente

Gerardo Villanueva

Gerardo Villanueva

Eduardo is an engineer in mechatronics, with a specialization in design and automation of recycling plants. 

He has ten years of experience in the evaluation and operation of sanitary landfills according to the official Mexican standard. During his life, he has processed hundreds of thousands of tons of waste, to make them a useful resource. 

Its strength lies in its humility and ability to connect with people who, unfortunately, live from garbage collection in the dump. In its design of recycling plants, it includes human value, providing safe and dignified conditions for those who work there. 

He has set up recycling plants in El Grullo, Jalisco; Tomatlán, Jalisco and has been in charge of the evaluation of the operation of the Bacalar landfill, Quintana Roo, Mexico. He has solid experience in specialized design and 3D printing.

Advisory Board


Ivan Alonso Martínez

Born in 1987 in the city of Vigo, Spain, I have been moving between Barcelona and different cities in Germany, until destiny brought me to Mexico in 2017.

Graduated in international managment, I have been managing different projects in the retail industry for 10 years, when I realized that I had to take the next step on my life path.

As of today, I am using my knowledge and experience to support sustainable projects and ecological initiatives, which aim to shape a brighter, more conscious and respectful future. 

Also, I finished my specialization on non-profit organizations, following the conviction that formal social organizations are the key driver for human transition & transformation.

Collective Board


Pancho Crazy Deer

Efraín Cab Dorantes

Efraín Cab Dorantes

He has been following the native traditional teachings of the Shipibo/Conibo since 2010, as well as SIBA’s teachings with Lydia Thunder Buffalo Medicine Woman. 

Before that, he spent years as a Buddhist monk in Tibet where he created a school for young monks and as a music teacher in many countries, especially Africa. 

He’s now based in Chirripo, Costa Rica where he’s is the guardian of a sacred land named Terma Tierra meant to become a sanctuary for wildlife, sacred activities and renewal of indigenous traditions/way of life. 


Efraín Cab Dorantes

Efraín Cab Dorantes

Efraín Cab Dorantes

"At present there are many models of hives that are used the handling of stingless bees,Some technified boxes are square, rectangular, hexagonal, vertical hives, hives horizontal, designed in wood of different trees. 

Every one a researcher or meliponicultor proposes a new model, most believe that it is new technology and that it is the best for bees, but

that is what the human says and not the bee. "Efraín Cab, 2018.

In this work, the experiences of Efraín Cab, a meliponicultor located in the area, are transmitted

urban development of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, which proposes the implementation of new

nesting for three species of productive interest in the Yucatan Peninsula, proposing a alternative to the technified wooden box used for the breeding of the bee Melipona beecheii.

Of the three nesting sites, which had the best adoption for the development of the hive and its management was designed for the species Scaptotrigona pectoralis, however, for the meliponicultor the best option for the upbringing and management of stingless bees are the hollowed-out hollowed trunks used the Mayan culture.

Financial Corporate, Managing board & Executive board


Contadora Fiscalista

Honorable Global Cosmic Family


Angel Ivan Romero Martinez

Well known as Jaguar Negro by many close friends at his 40 years around the solar cycle and many moons at the night sky.

Enthusiastic dreamer about creative perceptions of our existence as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Serving to Mother Nature and family of wildlife and wild souls that keep theirselves entertained as children of Gaia.

Honored to become part of Nacaome as Cultural Ambassador, Architect & Artistry Visionary with so many beautiful souls to bring back home the inner child vibrations.


Gerardo Orozco Astigarraga

I am a messenger and my way of expression is sculpture.

When I was born, they named me Gerardo as my grandfather, which means brave lancer or strong warrior.

So I went, until I discovered that the warrior attracts war, and I prepared to focus all my energy and intention on love, to create and support beautiful actions and to decree with absolute confidence the healing of humanity and the planet earth.

I am part of the Huitzilin Kanan (Guardian Colibri) community. Huitzilines are small dragons that fly the message from ear to ear, spreading it to all mankind. Kanan however is the guardian who is rooted in the temple, obtaining a complete community of messengers and guardians.

Gerardo contains the letters d-r-a-g-o. The dragon is the channel for energy to flow. Before I was a warrior dragon, now I am a loving dragon.

I decree my dreams through sculptural projects to establish harmony on planet earth, uniting and healing mankind, loving enemies and respecting and honoring nature.

I am originally from the Basque culture in northern Spain. I studied in a small School of Art and I went to the University of the Traveler, knowing different natures, cultures and techniques.

I spent the last 15 years in Mexico, participating in permarquitectura, plastic arts and sustainability projects. Lately I work at festivals spreading the message to everyone because of their interculturality. This decree was in the Own Spirit in Spain in 2019.

I call it "Unity", it is the union between humanity and nature. A large female human body of earth represents the personification (Mari) of Mother Earth (Amalur in Basque mythology).

This became an interactive space.The public took mud baths becoming sculpture (madretierra), and adorned the work with creativity and beautiful intentions.

At the end of the human meeting, we deliver the figurative work to the earth by sowing tree seeds in a beautiful ceremony, leaving it to the natural one with the dream of establishing a small forest there.


Lydia Thunder Buffalo Medicine Woman

She is a traditional practitioner initiated since 2000 in the Shipibo/Conibo tradition of sacred plants of the Peruvian Amazon where she co-created a healing center with her Shipibo teacher. 

In 2008, she developped the technology SIBA and has been working with both SIBA and the traditional medicine since then. She became « maestra », teacher-healer in the Ayahuasca tradition in 2013. 

She travels all around the planet with her partner Pancho Crazy Deer to participate actively in the awakening of Gaïa’s Kundalini, activating sacred places during medicine circles on key meridians of the earth. 

She is now based in Chirripo, Costa Rica where she’s is the guardian of a sacred land named Terma Tierra meant to become a sanctuary for wildlife, sacred activities and renewal of indigenous traditions/way of life: Reforestation, conservation of medicinal plants, sacred architecture, permaculture, rituals for balance and harmony, connection with divine laws and deep healing. 


Gloria Goijberg Rein

Educator, scientist, humanist, therapist, creative and dreamer ... in constant search for a better world.


It presents itself as a slightly weird mix ... scientific, creative and spiritual? A case of alchemy?

Studies and postgraduate degrees in Chemistry Applied to Agriculture, Diploma in Creativity, Interior Design, Landscape and Training in various alternative and energy techniques. Since leaving the formal academy, rebelling against the established system, he leaps into the void to dive inside and try to “find himself”,… why was I a chemist? they were frequently asked questions ... to later integrate a physical goal vision of the human being and of life, becoming a disseminator of the most evolved science, from Neurosciences and Quantum Physics, which lead it towards the new paradigms of Holistic Health and Education, uniting Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.


From his experiences, trainings, searches and meetings, integrating the ancient spiritual knowledge and practices of the East and the modern science of the West, he shares them in courses, workshops, conferences, diplomas and publishes the book OF THE SCIENCE TO THE CONSCIENCE, a feminine look , inviting to unite the heart and the mind, to share and manifest dreams co-creating holistic and healing spaces, in balance with the Sacred Nature.


She has lived in various countries and cultures, currently residing in Cancun, Mexico.