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The Purpose Determinates The Structure of Our Societies!

"When a human being is born, her/his star is born and placed in the cosmos with the old stars, a tree is born and an animal is born and we are born too, we are four in one. They are our guides, the tree fulfills a function, our grandparents offered our umbilical cord to the tree because through it will communicate with the creator. The one who gives us life, when one begins to create things as a human being, enters the divine spark.

An Artistry creates a piece by means of the meditation of what she/he is creating, that is the purpose of the human by which she/he was created, she/he is destined to be creative and co-creator and the day she/he stops doing it is the day she/he becomes ill and dies."

Welcome to share our ancestral knowledge

Totonaca Cosmovision


The legacy of who we are and how we embrace our cultural skills are imperative in every single Civilization around the Blue Sphere in this Cosmogony of biodiversity and flavors of Humanity.

Why we give so much value to mark our blue prints  as fingerprint of God to let others our statement about Life and the "truth path" to be done and  followed generation by generation?

Why we insist to oppress other perceptions and conquer by wars and not by love?

Wouldn't be better to manifest our relationships beyond the Book of War and better to follow our heart by the Book of Love?

What if our true nature is observing and telling us to do our fingerprints as less impact as possible by mainly offering gratitude for taking part of her, Pachamama, as a gift and not as owned product?

Now our main currency is Time, because it is a way to payback the lapse of your Live you gave to focus into something or someone in exchange of Money to Live fractions of our own dreams. What if we are able to reset and resemble our perception of Time is Money to Live with Love?

How can we all sync our most profound dreams into matters and still care for other elements and energy that make us all to be one as living planet?

TermArquitecture walks as dreamer's organic loom to set the dream catcher and unite visions into a cosmovision of collective manifestation of the flower of life in our present momentum.

How can be this done in one lifetime generation and stop just holding and holding for centuries by the hope of maybe one day we will really do care about our planetary home, the one and amazing spaceship for all of us and many more to come?

We invite you, we invite our selves to begging every morning as your birth child and continue until night as your transition into ether as you dream under the night sky of multidimensional DREAMERS.  


Dual energy as + & - , as we all know, they need each other to co-create electricity or light, but also they are able to become from a spark of energy to a fountain of energy by transforming duality into polarity as the yin-yang or two magnetic fields of attraction and repulsion.

The integration of polarity bring us a Toroidal energetic field that recharges in its own vibration.

Taking us to a new way to understand how we tune our 3rd eye into matter. 


By the understanding that we all manifest what we called Reality or Matrix by projecting our own thoughts, emotions and actions into the mega matrix or multidimensional perceptions that conform the Reality it self as nest of cause and effect.

Then we can vision were we are and were we want to focus our energy to manifest that dream.

Termarchitecture invites us all to plug our own Matrix perception with other Matrix perceptions that tune their vibration into the Terma or sacredness of the Matrix. Because we all can organically find balance in between duality, polarity and integration of the Universal parable of Sustainability and Harmonic development of our Cultural diversity and Legacy as Heritage to ourselves in the present time to live in love.


"The constant exchange of information by those in positions of responsibility allows the participation of all citizens in the management of public life. 

The roles related to federation, bodies and communities are many, and almost all citizens have responsibilities to carry out, whether large or small.

Decisions are made by a majority vote, with prior sharing and debate, so that everyone can sustain the final decision.

In Damanhur, everything from the Constitution to political systems is constantly subject to verification, because what is alive is continually transformed and produces new life. The change is not, therefore, something to fear, and the ideal social formula is the one that foresees its overcoming."

In 2005, the Global Forum on Human Settlements of the United Nations (UN) officially recognized Damanhur as a model of sustainable society.

The Humanity is always searching for prototypes, rules, fundamentals, constitutions to define the way we wish to live, behave and been leaded by our trusted guidance because our faith gets formally accepted by our written Manifesto as community and consciously agreed to honor and respect. 

We can say it is the principal of any constitution, amendment and political structure of our Sovereignty as Society.

But why is so complex to coexist and keep the Harmonic level of communication and friendly understanding as the time goes by and the relationship becomes more aged? Maybe a daily practice of our pilars and main reason to refresh why we are part of that nucleo and remember why we love to be part of it in the present time.

Culture could be the clue to go back to the basics and dance the waves of life, this is not new and always been that way, just in the last centuries it seems we got distracted and kind of forgotten our prime celebration to honor life. 

It is not an act of once a year as national day, it is more about the act of manifesting our faith and creativity in every aspect of our daily lives, actions that become an offering for our own existence,  a joyful celebration of co-existence and share good vibrations and memories to our closest friends and family.

Yes it could become complex living in a stressful structure in social models that demand full attention to other aspects and perform efficiently day by day.

And sometimes we wonder if we are able to choose the red or blue pill and if we can get a free will to take the other color or none. 

A simple act of will could manifest the re definition of your inside avatar and trust the change of paradigma and become all we are,  that resonates with our inner child biting heart.


The change needs the protagonist interaction of all of us and that means a tremendous opportunity to embrace the trinity of Government + Private Sector + Society = Sustainable Sovereignty 

Practice tripartite communication and bring with clarity and optimism every single aspect that could be transformed for a better understanding and fair common sense for the good of 3 main elements that co-create and defines us as Cultural Society.

Art has a enormous advantage to activate the transition, because it is the fastest sense to absorb understanding and wisdom by visuals.

The logic side and the creative side of our brain working in polarity to integrate what we see, watch, observe in our Councious and Sub Councious inner data base of vibrations and memories in our waters.

Geometry is the highest abstract version of a mathematical equations, colors, smells, sounds, flavors.

By Art we deliver the message by abstract frequency and Society loves Art & Artists!

Why? Art represents the maximum expression of the soul and that beautiful gift touches people's heart and the brain. Once the message is delivered,  the body answers in a very natural act by manifesting its own interpretation/perception of what we see and feel inside us.

We react by crying/loafing,  admiring/criticizing, loving/hating what is observing our eyes with all the other senses synchronized. 

Synchronized is written in Spanish as "Sincronia" or "Sin Cronia" and the word "Sin means Without" and "Cronos comes from Cronologia or Chronology", the etymology From Ancient Greek χρονολογικός (khronologikós), from χρονολογία (khronología, “chronology”); synchronically, crono- +‎ -lógico.

chrono- (relating to time)

-logical; -logic (forms adjectives relating to scientific fields that end in -logia)

So we can say that synchronized is related to not having a linear time or logical frame that defines why all our senses are totality tuned by the Toroidal field of being present with all our chakras or kundaliny aligned for a momentum of vibrations by the Cultural expression infront of us called Art.

What is logic and what part of our brain represents ?

logic(countable and uncountable, plural logics)

  1. (uncountable) A method of human thought that involves thinking in a linear, step-by-step manner about how a problem can be solved. Logic is the basis of many principles including the scientific method.
  2. (philosophy, logic) The study of the principles and criteria of valid inference and demonstration.
    • 2001, Mark Sainsbury, Logical Forms — An Introduction to Philosophical Logic, Second Edition, Blackwell Publishing, p. 9An old tradition has it that there are two branches of logic: deductive logic and inductive logic. More recently, the differences between these disciplines have become so marked that most people nowadays use "logic" to mean deductive logic, reserving terms like "confirmation theory" for at least some of what used to be called inductive logic. I shall follow the more recent practice, and shall construe "philosophy of logic" as "philosophy of deductive logic".

  1. (uncountable, mathematics) The mathematical study of relationships between rigorously defined concepts and of mathematical proof of statements.
  2. (countable, mathematics) A formal or informallanguage together with a deductive system or a model-theoretic semantics.
  3. (uncountable) Any system of thought, whether rigorous and productive or not, especially one associated with a particular person.It's hard to work out his system of logic.
  4. (uncountable) The part of a system (usually electronic) that performs the boolean logic operations, short for logic gates or logic circuit.Fred is designing the logic for the new controller.

Logic involves thinking in a linear way, rigorously and deductive system to get from A to B to C. Also means that we define time as linear transition were A=Past



As a logic understanding of our existence in this Universe.

Going back to Synchronicity or Sincronia, maybe in a simple way to understand it better could be without linear,rigorously and deductive logic time.

The opposite of chrono from Greek (khronologikós or Khronos/) is Kairos 


Ancient Greek Κρόνος (Krónos), possibly from the Ancient Greek κραίνω (kraínō, “to rule or command”).

and Kairos is kind of what the Mayan Civilization used to stamp in graphics called pictographic that in modern time could be well known as Graphic Design & Art!

Kairos take us to a not linear time so the curve or organic shape most be the spiral and spiritual time. Ancient Mayan wisdom called the no time or the organic vibration of Mother Nature.

Kairos (Ancient Greek: καιρός) is an Ancient Greekword meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.[1] The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos (χρόνος) and kairos. The former refers to chronological or sequential time, while the latter signifies a proper or opportune time for action. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative, permanent nature.[2] Kairos also means weather in Modern Greek. The plural, καιροί (kairoi (Ancient and Modern Greek)) means the times. Kairos is a term, idea, and practice that has been applied in several fields including classical rhetoric, modern rhetoric, digital media, Christian theology, and science.

Art flows mainly in Kairos and Kronos because is an act of meditation to bringing back our creative inner child to play and manifest with our logic side that defines the structure of the matter of what we create from our Dreams & Imagination.


Art is Life

Art is Life & Life is Art, it is the maximum expression of our holistic soul to communicate emotions and feelings from our deepest and sacred existence.

By expressing our inside art, we release our spiritual part into the matter.

In Spanish, "Artesano" is what we call a person that makes artistic hand-crafted pieces. Similarly, "Arte Sano", can mean that Art is healthy, therefore "Arte Sana".  Art heals and art is a healing vehicle to enlighten our inner child and let go of fear, frustration, pain, passion and even joy. It is a means to balance the unlimited possibilities of negative or positive vibrations, from duality to polarity to integration.

Art in Life is a playground state of consciousness, to embrace our inner child and co-create magical spaces in our personal atmosphere to share the Art of Life and life as a poem.


The spirit defines space and energy and goes beyond time because all is spiritual and divine as Art is a divine act of the Manifestation, the Matter, the Maternal Vibration of Organic Spiritual Present Momentum.


When we observe old social structures we can talk about the heritage of the Origin Tribes, the Mother Nature children, our indigenous family members all over the planet.

What can we learn from their mistakes and wisdom? Collective Consciousness transformed generation by generation. They know what's all about being in balance with nature and even so,  we are taking from them everything and mainly we are erasing their unwritten wisdom at a point to forget their roots to live in balance as community.

There is no Versus if we share the cosmovision of stopping what we have done to our selves and the entire world.

New technologies and tendencies need to seat down and share ideas and solutions from every single perception for the good of all.

TermArchitecture brings a round table of understanding in all levels to face  the  alternative visions and possibilities to do things in a proper way to redefine our human behavior & vibration.

Concept Definition

Terma (Tibetan: གཏེར་མ་, Wylie: gter ma; "hidden treasure")[1] are various forms of hidden teachings that are key to Vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhist and Bonreligious traditions. The belief is that these teachings were originally esoterically hidden by various adepts such as Padmasambhava and dakini such as Yeshe Tsogyal (consorts) during the 8th century, for future discovery at auspicious times by other adepts, who are known as tertöns. As such, terma represent a tradition of continuous revelation in Vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhism.[1] Termas are a part of tantricliterature.

Architecture (Latin architectura, from the Greek ἀρχιτέκτων arkhitekton "architect", from ἀρχι- "chief" and τέκτων "creator") is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructingbuildings and other physical structures.

Kronos In Gr eek mythology, Cronus, Cronos, or Kronos(/ˈkroʊnəs/ or /ˈkroʊnɒs/, US: /-oʊs/, from Greek: Κρόνος, Krónos), was the leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans, the divine descendants of Uranus, the sky, and Gaia, the earth. He overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age, until he was overthrown by his own son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus. According to Plato, however, the deities Phorcys, Cronus, and Rhea were the eldest children of Oceanus and Tethys.[1]

Kairos In Greek mythology, Caerus /ˈsɪərəs, ˈsiːrəs/ (Greek: Καιρός, Kairos, the same as kairos) was the personification of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. He was shown with only one lock of hair. His Roman equivalent was Occasio or Tempus. Caerus was the youngest child of Zeus. Caerus and Fortuna became lovers after Caerus neglected to overthrow his father as everyone thought he would.

Caerus is the due measure that achieves the aim. This god brings about what is convenient, fit, and comes in the right moment. Sometimes it could be the critical or dangerous moment, but more often Caerus represents the advantageous, or favorable occasion. Hence, what is opportune, or "Opportunity." In the Hellenistic age (as P. Chantraine informs us), the term was also used as "time" or "season" (the good time, or good season).

According to Pausanias, there was an altar of Caerus close to the entrance to the stadium at Olympia, for Opportunity is regarded as a divinity and not as a mere allegory. This indefatigable traveler also tells us that Caerus was regarded as the youngest child of Zeus in a hymn by Ion of Chios (ca. 490-425 BC).


Co-manifest with US!

Let's bring your dream into reality!

We are here to support you to download your dreams into blueprints to design and build together a poetic atmosphere of graphics, music, art, nature, architecture, gastronomy and so much but mainly for human kind gathering in peace and LOVE within Pachamama.

Send us a message to manifest with your team and family the DREAM of the DREAMERS at your sacred land.

Let's bring our Inner Child tuned a high frequency vibrations of Co Creation!

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Permaculture Ethics


What Are Ethics?

“Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life. “ Albert Schweitzer

“Let me give you a definition of ethics: It is good to maintain and further life, it is bad to damage and destroy life. Albert Schweitzer

What better place to start than to define exactly what ethics are, then we can proceed to look at why we need them, and what they’re doing in an ecological design system such as Permaculture.

Ethics is one of those terms that people more-or-less know the meaning of, but can’t exactly define.
In common usage, the word “ethics” is often incorrectly used interchangeable with the word “morality”, and though the two concepts are tied together, they are not the same…

So, let’s look at definitions of these two concepts to determine what they’re all about:

  • Morals are principles of what is right and wrong
  • Ethics are a codified or formalised system of moralsof a particular person, group etc.

So, in a nutshell, Ethics can be defined as a set of formalised principles of what is right and wrong conduct.

Why Do We Need Ethics?

“Ethics is what you do in the dark when no one’s watching.” Rushworth Kidder (2003), the founder of the Institute of Global Ethics

Why are ethics important? Put simply, they keep people from engaging in conduct that is wrong, it’s as simple as that. Without ethical guidelines, an individual may do the wrong thing if they believe it will benefit them and that they can get away with it, without getting caught.

Systems of ethics can originate from various sources, such as from laws, religions, organisations, ideologies, personal values, societal values, etc.

The major issue that arises when discussing ethics is the question – what is morally right? While trying to define what is right and wrong seems to defy academics and philosophers, who tend to conclude that what is right or wrong shifts and changes with society, such abstract intellectual posturing serves no purpose in the practical design system of permaculture, which deals with real-life scientifically quantifiable systems. 

There are absolute wrongs and rights when dealing with biological systems on a scientific level. This may be a controversial statement to make, so read on and I will explain this further.

The Ethics of Permaculture 

“Relativity applies to physics, not ethics” Albert Einstein

“A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help.” Albert Schweitzer

As a basic definition, Permaculture is a holistic design system for creating sustainable human settlements and food production systems. It is a movement concerned with sustainable, environmentally sound land use and the building of stable communities, through the harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the Earth.

By this very definition, this system necessitates that our conduct is focussed on the good of the planet, Nature and the people. It cannot work otherwise.

In Permaculture, we are dealing with scientifically definable and measurable systems here, biological ecosystems and human communities. 

What is beneficial or detrimental to either of these systems is not a subjective matter bound in the realms of personal opinion and conjecture. 

What is good or bad for living systems is objective scientific fact that can be observed, measured and the results readily reproduced, it is not idle philosophy abstracted from reality and relegated to the towers of academia.

“Any living system, when viewed scientifically, has required inputs which sustain life within that system”

A plant needs sunlight, air, water and soil to sustain it. Naturally, these inputs occur in a clean, unpolluted state. If we impair these inputs in any way, we harm plant life. When we extend this example to animal life (and yes, that includes us humans too!), it’s works exactly the same way, just with greater complexity.

If people’s actions are detrimental to the inputs required to sustain life in a living system, or if the actions are directly harmful to the living system itself, that is, the organisms within it, then it’s unethical, period.

Now, if anyone’s wondering, “hey, what about eating plants and animals, isn’t that harming life”, there’s a simple answer to that tired old question, a basic axiom of biology, which is “life feeds off life”. From bacteria upwards, life feeds on other life forms to sustain life. 

There is a qualitative difference between the cessation of life (plants included) to sustain life, and the pointless destruction of life. If you eat a lettuce to stay alive, that’s understandable, but if you dump radioactive mining tailings into a river and cause untold destruction of life, that’s completely unjustified and unethical! Would living systems be harmed if uranium mining ceased? The simple answer is no!

No living system needs uranium as an input to its basic biological processes. Life existed before it was mined, and will continue if it were to stop. It’s essentially a peripheral human activity primarily aimed at deriving financial profit, secondarily as a means of providing materials for creating weapons of mass destruction and for energy generation, the absolute necessity both of which is questionable…

There is a stark and glaring difference between the taking of life to sustain life, and the taking of life to support a lifestyle!

Actions, whether ethical or unethical, can also be a matter of degrees, there is a quantitative difference between what is sustainable and what is destructive folly.

A good example is the harvesting of trees. We can sustainably harvest timber to construct a shelter. which is one of our basic needs as a species. The key word is sustainably – we can select what we take, where we take it from, how much we take, and we can choose to use the resources responsibly. The other approach is that we can clear-fell forests to “grow food” and in the process, disrupt the natural systems which precipitate rainfall, triggering soil erosion and salinity, and end up creating a situation where there is insufficient rainfall to grow food, where soil becomes unusable or gets washed away.

So, therefore, from a Permaculture perspective, ethical actions are simply those that support life, and unethical ones are ones that harm or destroy life needlessly.

Permaculture therefore starts with ethics, which form the very foundations of this design system, and all actions we undertake in Permaculture activities are strictly always in agreement with the ethics of Permaculture.

The three ethical principles of Permaculture are as follows:

  1. Care of the Earth
  2. Care of People
  3. Return of surplus to Earth and people (also called “Fair Share”)

Let’s look at these ethical principles in greater detail.

1. Care of the Earth

The Earth is the very thing that sustains us, it provides us with all the essentials that keeps us alive – air, water, food, shelter – and it is the only source of these essentials, we can’t get them from anywhere else! We depend on the Earth and all the living systems on the planet (which, incidentally, are all interconnected in a complicated, interdependent web of life) for our survival.

Taking care of the Earth’s systems which keep us alive would logically be seen as “enlightened self-interest”, doing what is right to ensure one’s own survival – not polluting the air we breathe, not poisoning the water we drink, and not destroying the land which provides our sustenance.

“Care of the Earth” includes all living and non-living things, such as animals and plants, as well as land, water and air. Why? As science shows us through the disciplines of ecology and biology, all living and non-living systems are interconnected and interdependent. When one is affected, all are affected.

Caring for the Earth also means caring for the soil. Life is dependent in life, and the soil itself is actually is a very complex living ecosystem which supports plant life. Plant life in turn supports higher organisms and provide us with our sources of food, directly or indirectly.

Beyond food production, caring for the Earth means caring for our forests, which are the lungs of the planet, ensuring a supply of clean air. 

Forests are also inextricably linked into the process of rain formation and the water cycle, and therefore play a key role in ensuring our supply of fresh water. It means caring for our rivers, which are the veins of our planet, circulating the water which all life depends on.

2. Care of People

All living things are interdependent on each other, including people. In reality as the saying goes, “no man is an island”, humans by their very nature are communal and social animals. Life on this planet is generally cooperative in nature.

If you doubt the veracity of this statement, then cast your mind back past the psychologically delusional industrialised society in which we find ourselves in and look at history. Traditionally, the punishment for serious wrongdoers in ancient societies was banishment or exile, being forced out of the community to fend for oneself. 

This was equivalent to a death sentence, or at least a cruel, lonely and unsafe life of severe hardship. Beyond just physical interdependency, humans psychologically needcommunity, modern studies have shown that having community is beneficial to the mental health of an individual, and lack of community is clearly detrimental.  The ancients knew that humans needed community, hence the nature of the punishment. 

Pity modern society forgets this today and individuals banish themselves to an isolated and meaningless technological prison they call modern life, where they selfishly pursue their needs and never get to know their own neighbours.

Self-sufficiency is a myth, and a harmful one too!

“Care of People” is about promoting self-reliance and responsibility towards the greater community. It is importance to point out that we are talking about self-reliance and not self-sufficiency here.

As I mentioned before, “no man is an island”, one person cannot do everything, and it is ridiculous to expect any one person to do so in any lifestyle other than the most primitive. Self-sufficiency is a myth, and a harmful one too! As Bill Mollison once stated, “I might grow food, but I don’t want to have to make my own shoes, I can trade food I’ve grown with someone who makes shoes…”. That’s the essence of community! It’s about sharing and supporting each other.

So, what is promoting self-reliance about? It is about taking responsibility for more than one’s own future, and looking to help one’s community by sharing knowledge and experience, to skill people up so that they can provide for some of their basic needs. The essence of this is captured by the expression “give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for ever”. It is about a collaborative effort to bring change to one’s own life and that of others.

When people collaborate to support each other, and to meet their needs, both physical and non-physical, this creates a bond which builds a stable, supportive, and emotionally healthy community which prospers.

“Care of People” importantly has to begin with the person closest to us, our self! It’s hard to care for others when we can’t care for ourselves, and there’s no point in caring for others while neglecting oneself. Such martyrdom is unconstructive, because if we are interested in helping others, then it is in our best interests that we are in an optimum state to be helpful to others. Beyond our individual selves, “Care for People” then extends to the next closest circle of people in our lives, our families, then our neighbours, our local community and then the greater community, and ultimately, all of humanity.

3. Fair Share

This is also described as the ethical principle of “Return of surplus to Earth and people”.

No matter how you look at it, the world’s resources are definitely finite, so logically it follows that there is a finite and measurable share of resources available to each person on the planet to support them.

If all the resources produced were a metaphorical “pie”, and each person has their “slice of the pie”, what happens when someone wants more than their fair share, when someone wants more than one slice of the pie? Simply put, someone else goes without.

Our Western society is driven by the unsustainable economic ideology of Consumer Capitalism, which incessantly chants the mantra of “continuous growth”, which in effect, implies continuously increasing consumption. 

This is a rather quaint concept, the idea of continuous growth in a finite system, for this clearly defies the laws of physics, and also the laws of common sense. It is a truly delusional principle of a flawed ideology, for it has no basis in ecology or any other science. If anyone for even the briefest moment stops to think of how you could possibly have continuous growth, and for that matter, continuously increasing consumption, on a planet of fixed size with finite (and diminishing) resources, then the nonsensical nature of this concept is clearly evident.

All our basic needs are met by the Earth herself, and our next higher needs are met through community with each other.

What we fail to see through the delusional haze of non-stop shopping, wide screen televisions and a myriad of electronic consumer gadgets is that Nature keeps us alive for free, as she has since we first walked the Earth! All our basic needs are met by the Earth herself, and our next higher needs are met through community with each other. It’s only in this 200-year-old experiment we call “industrialised society” that we have become disconnected from nature, and forgotten how to tend to our own needs through the resources provided to us freely by Nature. Yes, admittedly, a life sustained directly by Nature is much simpler and more fuss-free, which is probably why many people are opting to leave the cities, leave the rat-race far behind them, and move out into the country to lead a more balanced and harmonious life…

The reason I make the point about Nature supporting us is that when we live closer to Nature, we realise without doubt that Nature does provides us with what we need, as long as we respect it and only take what we need to survive. In traditional societies, hunters knew about sustainable harvests, they took what game they needed to feed their tribes, if they took all the game in a single season, firstly, they wouldn’t be able to use all the food, it would be clearly wasteful, and secondly, they would starve to death fairly soon afterwards.

To put our current world situation into perspective, imagine a village with an orchard of fruit trees, the yields are plentiful, the villagers can harvest fruit as they feel hungry, they take what they can eat, and they return day after day to harvest fruit for the whole season. Nature provides their needs, all for free.

Now consider this situation – imagine one greedy villager arrives early in the season, picks all the fruit, and does not let anyone else have any. He cannot possibly eat all the fruit himself, and it would naturally spoil in a very short period of time. He tells the other villagers that they can have fruit if they give him articles of personal property in exchange. He accumulates all manner of personal possessions, more than he needs, and the villagers get the fruit.

Now, both situations are identical as far as resources go, the only difference being in the distribution of the resources. The first example is collaborative, everyone receives their fair share for free, in the second example, where one individual is driven by greed and selfish self-interest, this resembles the consumer capitalist model of our modern world. I hope this illustrates the value of the system of “fair share” and also puts into perspective what is so wrong with our society currently.

If we overcome the incredibly irrational human preoccupation of amassing possessions, which is typified by the empty and life-devoid philosophy of “the one with the most toys at the end wins…”, and the frenzied resource-grab than ensues, we can take some responsibility for how much resources we consume in our lifetimes. We can live sustainably, and avoid destroying the Earth’s living systems that sustain our lives. This ‘exploitation mentality’ is not normal, we are brought up with it, it is learned, and can be unlearned.

Furthermore, when we share our surplus produce, when we share our skills, knowledge and experience, these actions build bonds between people which all works to foster a sense of stable, collaborative community.

So, what’s the point of “Fair Share”? If we take only our fair share, then there is enough for everybody, and there will continue to be in the future too.

What It All Means?

The ethics of Permaculture, Care of the Earth, Care of People and Sharing of Surplus, promote a system which is life-affirming, and creates a sense of reverence for all life on the planet.

By embodying and living these principles, we ensure the continued survival of our species, the health of the planet and maintain a healthy respect for life itself.

Now, if anybody doubts the impact of a lack of a sound ethical principles, all they need to do is have a look at the world we live in. In a world driven by financial incentive, where ethical conduct takes a back seat, the consequences are both expected and inevitable. World consumption statistics clearly show the state of inequality in the distribution of resources worldwide, the excessive waste of resources by developed countries, and the unsustainable rates of resource and energy consumption.

The Permaculture ethics compel us to take personal responsibility for our actions. We can either “choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution”, the choice is ours!

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Permaculture Ethics was taken from:https://deepgreenpermaculture.com/permaculture/permaculture-ethics/

Permaculture + Architecture = PermArquitectura

For a reconceptualization of urban and rural environments aimed at maximizing vertical and horizontal spaces applied to sustainability.

It emerges as a Co Creative movement in 2008, of intellectual & creative capital, aimed at awakening the consciousness of the INDIVIDUAL under COLLECTIVE  thinking, that is, every human being has the right to his or her own identity, which we often call FREEDOM, but nevertheless this freedom must not forget its collective harmony that allows you to grow internally as well as community.

The recovery of old values ​​and ancestral teachings are part of everyday life in any sustainable society.
These actions can only be valued with tangible facts, activities that generate a balance between the intellect, the physical and the spirit of each being.

This growth is achieved through self-analysis and the constant practice of everyday actions of the simplest and most basic such as planting and caring for a plant day by day over the years.

Adopt an animal, protect it and feed it. Build a room, a habitat, a special space to be at peace with one and the other loved ones, etc. The goal is to BE yourself and see yourself in the BEING in front of us, I am you, you are me. In Lak'ech or Namaste.

All culture and religion point to the golden rule; therefore "The Ancient Path is the Eternal Compass".

We are honored to Co Manifest dream spaces on your land vision to embrace true sustainability.

History Whispers:

Permarquitectura aims to offer an improvement in the quality of life in each public and private space of the towns and big cities, by taking as a guiding principle the fusion of permaculture and sustainable architecture, thus forming a broader vision of the spaces that we inhabit partially or permanently, individually and / or collectively.

The creation of the garden cities,  clear example of the various studies and architectural proposals made since antiquity such as the Mayan, Egyptian cities, etc. and even in the 20th century under modernist architectural trends such as Le Corbusier and many others with the creation of the prototype of Brasilia or now with the Zeitgeist movement and its proposal of a 21st century functional city based on the distribution of resources in a way radial, known as the Venus project.

It should be noted that many of these positions are designed to create new and better cities, basically leaving in the past what already exists to be obsolete or dysfunctional in the new era of human awakening. However, there is a very controversial issue in all this:


Delete and new count down or recover what already exists, reinterpreting the legacy?

The tendency of the permaculture, is to understand the nature of things, mainly under the daily observation, to obtain thus to learn of the education of the grandparents and to conform therefore a permanent culture of its knowledge applied to the environment.

The PermArchitec, likewise, returns to the vernacular architecture, reinterpreting its logic applied to a current environment with adaptations of other related professions to form said spaces, capable of producing compressed extensions of edible, medicinal or ornamental resources of flora and fauna; all under the same umbrella.

All this applied to existing spaces or future projection. 

Given to the task of recreating a center of awareness awakening; Retaking the concepts of the old social nucleus that functioned in some way also as schools of universal knowledge & wisdom called Calpulli, where the wisdom of the grandparents, both at a craft or professional level, was transferred to the new generations.

We call them Co-Creators Workshops and their function is to serve as Cultural Embassies for the Innerchild.

With your support we will set:

  • Arts and Crafts Workshop
  • Art Object based on reuse and recycling of industrial waste
  • Green Roof for workshops of sprouts and reforestation with fruit trees in public and private areas
  • Apothecary

Visit our artistic residential space and Summit to join us!

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Holistic Architects & Sacred Artistry

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions


Conceptual ARTISTRY 

Permaculture + Architecture + Plastic Arts

Harmony & sustainability + safety and comfort + warmth and beauty= Living Sculptures 

Designs based on human needs, geographical and climatic conditions, biological and orographic, cultural and vernacular architecture 

Special Sustainable Project  Development

Our main goal is manifest Friendship bond to understand the needs and tastes of the member to the habitat or client Research and study of the place to inhabit, geographical and climatic conditions during all seasons, biological to achieve harmony with the environment, orographic to obtain greater sustainable and spatial performance, cultural (harmony in the community or region) and vernacular architecture to save costs in economy and energy during the construction and adaptation process.

The professional services we offer range from architecture to engineering, from plastic arts to permaculture.

We offer habitable sculptures overcoming the challenge of plastic design at architectural dimensions, so we create magical or dream homes.

The budgets that we handle are extensive due to the diversity of our clients and friends, since we work in the spatial physical foundations in a personalized and integral life project, from the conceptual project to the realization of it.

In humanitarian and environmental causes we work altruistically, putting all our heart.

The amounts can range from 300 USD m2 housing with fine finishes, up to 1500 USD m2 or more as more exquisite or special projects required.

We always offer practical homes to simplify our lives, to enjoy more free time and we intend to get closer to your dreams and desires by getting into extravagant projects.

We work exclusively with clients and friends focused on culture, the environment and with an interest towards an awareness of sharing abundance, thanks, ometeotl!

Written by Gerardo Orozco 

Cielo Nocturno Concept

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions


Cielo Nocturno Steam Bath Temple

The Temazcal or Inipi is a sacred and ancestral space, with circular geometry where steam baths based on hot volcanic stones are carried out.

This practice dates from the time of the ancient natives of North America (Mexico and USA) and is also called the "Origin Ritual" or “The Womb of Mother Nature” because it represents the basic aspect of Cosmology where the four natural forces merge into one, the beginning of life, there the door opens towards mysticism and towards our relationship with the sacred principle of creation.

The Cielo Nocturno Temazcal it is a deep blue dark and warm space that we enter to purify ourselves through steam, singing, silence, aromas and meditation, thus opening the Consciousness towards mysticism and then being able to understand that we have a sacred relationship with our inner universe, with our emotions, feelings, thoughts and attitudes,
starting from a connection with our Sensibility.

It is the house of "The Stone Grandmothers" wonderful things happen in different levels, forms and aspects of the conscience and the mind, the "time" ceases to exist in there, the mysticism ascends from the entrails of Mother Nature through the Spirit to wrap us in your lap and experience the Unity with the Whole.

Welcoming the Synchronicity,  that means without chronicity, chronos or without The “Kronos” time, because by Mother Nature  all is spiritual and all is spiral , the no time, The “Kairos” time, the eternal present, the magic moment of existence. 

The temazcal is a circular construction (similar to the Igloo of the Eskimos) its traditional geometry simulates a cobweb made with willow or eucalyptus sticks that is then covered with bison skins or canvases of natural origin material (at present they are also made from concrete,  stones or modern techniques to facilitate its operation in spas and holistic centers as well.

Written by Jaguar Negro

Sacred Firepit Pit Concept

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions

Sacred Firepit Pit Concept


Fire is the beginning of the universe,  the wisper of the creator, the father fire is one of the most sacred elements for humanity since the beginning of times.

We love to design fire spaces to hold the holistic meaning of the transformation of matter. Our sacred firepit designs will always be guided by the four directions , offering, altars and ceremonial experiences to activate the space.


Sustainable Energies

Sacred Firepit Pit Concept


One of our main dreams is to share sacred geometry temples for cosmovision ceremonies to manifest abundance and collective consciousness, Vortex of Spirituality and compassion into the transformation of our energetic field.

Sustainable Energies

Sustainable Energies

Sustainable Energies


We are exploring alternatives for your Sustainable House!

Blue Prints & Cocepts to share, download:

Cielo Nocturno Steambath Temple

We design and build sacred spaces at Holistic centers to manifest the Toroidal vortex of Co Creation by serving Mother Nature.

We would love to visit and feel the land that you protect as guardian of spirituality. 

Architecture + Spirituality + Engineering = Art

Buckminster Fuller said that when he worked on a problem, he never thought about beauty: "I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." 

About the Author of Termarchitecture

As Architect & Engineer path

Professional Qualifications Attained

2004-2003 Specialist Studies in Construction, Civil  Engineering, Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Ver.

2003-1998 Degree in Architecture, Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Ver.

Business Ventures

2019-2018 Brand guardian, designer and advisor in construction for Luxury Glamping Wellness Retreat in Central America.  Experience in Hospitality & Networking Sustainable Investment.

2019-2003 Architect & Director of The Jaguar-Negro Group, Architecture, Art, Multimedia & Graphic Design Team.

2001-1999 Freelance Designer, Collaborator in projects of urban planning and development in the Architectural Firm “TAU”, directed by Dr. Arch. José Eliseo Castillo Fuentes. (winner of two awards in international contests, Beiging and Amsterdam, of the International Union of Architects, IUA)


2017 Diploma of Venture Academy by Beamonte Investments

2004 Practical workshop, “ Sustainable Housing in the State of Veracruz “ by Jimmy Carter Project, Habitat for Humanity International, Mexican Institute for Young People, Youth Employment Summit, Foundation E. 

2002 Practical workshop as Assistant, “Bio and Auto Construction House with Adobe” by M. Arch. Reinhold Roenz, from Germany, Speciality in House Design from Universidad Veracruzana.

2001 Practical workshop, “Design and Construction of Habitaculo” by M. Arch. Antonio Romero Carcamo, Universidad Veracruzana.

2000 Practical workshop, “Emergency Temporal Housing Construction” by Dr. Arch. Shigeru Ban, Regional Land Development Secretary, Government of the State of Veracruz.


2017-2019 Listed as 1 of the Top 10 Local Recommend Sustainable Architects at Riviera Maya by Kuyabeh Sustainable Development.

2015-2019 Member of Huitzilin Kanan SPR (Rural Production Society).

2004-2005 Member of the Bilateral Business Committee Mexico-Singapore

As Artistry & Design path

2006-2019 Owner of Co-Creators Artistry and Construction Workshop at Riviera Maya.

2005 Sponsored & Designed The 30th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations Mexico-Singapore Corporate Image.

2004-2005 Director and Shareholder of Jaguar-Negro (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd., Art, Multimedia & Graphic.


2014-2019 Member of Cultura Viva Mexico (Social Cultural Council).

2006-2008 Member of the Official Virtual Gallery Canon Mexico by Guillermo Grijalva C. 


2007 In the Book DNA Identity. Index Book, Author Pedro Guitton. ISBN: 8496309495

2006 In the Book T-Shirts 360* , Author Pedro Guitton and Published by Index Book S. L., ISBN: 8496309495

2006 In the Book 100% Design Portfolio, Index Book, Author Pedro Guitton. ISBN: 8496309622

2006 In the Book Logos from North to South America, Index Book, Author Pedro Guitton. ISBN:  8496309142 BEST SELLER 


2007 Sculpture exhibition at The Ferry Station in  Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo by ExplayArte Collective.

As Spiritual & Servant path

2019 Co-Founder & Cultural Ambassador of Nacaome Foundation A.C. (Non profit organization still in legal paperwork to be set) https://nacaome.foundation 

2018 Founder of Jaguar Chirripo Co-Creators, Costa Rica.

2019-2012 Performance as High Frequency Musician at Holistic & Retreat Centers in North & Central America.

2019-2015 Shareholder and Treasurer of Huitzilin Kanan S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V. with 45HA of Jungle Preservation at Bacalar Municipality, Q. Roo. Mexico as Sustainable Community Prototype.

2019-2012 Giving workshops about Sacred Geometry and High frequency instruments.

2010-2009 Teached Architectural Design at different private Universities at Riviera Maya as Social Service to sensibly 3rd & 4th year Architecture Students about the Sustainable Increasing Market.

2008-2005 Teached plenty workshops of Sustainability, Reusing & Environment Education as Social Service.

2008 Co Founder of the 1st Latin America Cultural Pavilion at the MIF (Macao International Trade & Investment Fest) at The Venetian Hotel, Macao with 150m2 booth.


2018-2019 Member of Nacaome Foundation. 

2019 Honored as Ambassador of Sustainability by The State Government of Q. Roo, Non profit organizations & Private sector seeking to obtain The Earth Check Bronze World Wide Certificate of Sustainable Tourism.

2017-2019 Member of Riviera Maya Sustainable Council.

2007-2009 Member of Macao Association for the Promotion of Exchange between Asia-Pacific and Latin America

1986-2005 Member of the Scouts Mexico.


Listen to Vibrations, The Ultimate Sophistication by Nacaome

After years of self exploration with acoustic intruments, we finally got a beautiful set of Clay, Wood, Metal & Crystal Quartz tools to increase the Vibrations in North and Central America.

Kinkara Dreams

Our vibrations to Kinkara and our offerings to activate the kundaliny of the Earth Mother aligned with the Shala and Open the vortex of Collective Consciousness  Toroidal Field.

Meeting high frequency Artistry

Listen to Barro feat. Jaguar Negro by LUM

Listen to Barro feat. Jaguar Negro by LUM

Listen to Barro feat. Jaguar Negro by LUM


Meeting LUM, in 2011 at Cozumel Island, we found the magic of combining high frequency digital vibrations & live music from ancestral instruments in the most random and fluent way as spontaneously Jam Session. Every one of us walked & played its own path and this is an audio done from those memories.

Album Homo infinitus 

Listen to Barro feat. Jaguar Negro by LUM on #SoundCloud


Bruno's imagination

Listen to Barro feat. Jaguar Negro by LUM

Listen to Barro feat. Jaguar Negro by LUM


Bruno and I, met in Veracruz, Mexico in a family trip with my brother and the way we got to know each other, was very organic and let us explore visions to manifest creative solutions for Nacaome Foundation in Sustainable Campaigns!