Our Foundation / Roots as Friends and Family

Principios de Armonía / Principles of Harmony

Principios de Armonía / Principles of Harmony

Principios de Armonía / Principles of Harmony


Creados con la intención de siempre recordarnos cómo mantener la armonía en las asambleas, debates, votaciones, comunidad, etc. :

Created with the intention of always reminding us how to maintain harmony in the assemblies, debates, voting, community, etc. :

1.-Proponer y no imponer / Propose and not impose
2.-Somos iguales porque somos diferentes / We are the same because we are different
3.-Convencer y no vencer / Convincing and not winning
4.-Bajar y no subir (humildad) / Go down and not go up (humility)
5.-Caminar preguntando / Walk asking
6.-Todo para todos, para nosotros nada (desapego)/ Everything for everyone, for us nothing (detachment)
7.-Mandar obedeciendo / Command Obeying
8.-Un mundo en que quepan muchos mundos / A world in which many worlds fit
9.-Representar y no reemplazar / Represent and not replace
10.-Vivir en el presente en abundancia solidaria /  Living in the present in solidarity abundance
11.-Ejercer el poder, no tomar el poder / Exercise power, do not take power
12.-Servir y no servirse / Serve and do not take for yourself
13.-Un no, muchos si / One no, many yes
14.-Re aprender jugando y desaprendiendo practicando / Re learn by playing and unlearning by practicing 

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The Possible Mission

Principios de Armonía / Principles of Harmony

Principios de Armonía / Principles of Harmony


Unified 108 Cosmic Families to Manifest and Co Create the dream catcher of the flower of life together by serving Mother Nature in serenity and divine sovereignty as children of Gaia.

We are One Collective Soul! 




Why Tribe? Friends + Family + Collective + Love = Sacred Cosmic Family? 

When we stopped being tribes, the unit was split. We thought that the couple, or the family nucleus would be enough, while friendships and circles of belonging gave us the crumbs of ephemeral coexistence. 

The tribe is much more than friends, and blood brothers. The tribe is the spiritual belonging to a brotherhood that sustains and invites us to sustain. The tribe is where natural roles are shared, exchanged and interact. Mothers today mother alone without the support and support group. 

The children have brothers who are always the same, those of the blood, and the spiritual brothers who are many should be playing together, co-creating. 

We separated into small private properties, running from one side to the other to look for sustenance for the family nucleus. The natural thing is to group ourselves and while some sow, others educate, others build, some cook, and at the right moment we get together to eat, to celebrate, to keep going. 

The love that we seek so much, besides the love for oneself that is cultivated, is not that of a couple, children, family, but because we do not have a tribe to practice love in infinite aspects, we overload the idea that the couple, the children , and the family, will give us the land to channel love. 

Without tribe it is like a dismembered human body trying to function, each member separately. We have to go back to the tribes where the grandparents are dignified and the uncles are all. 

Trade, private property, and individualism ripped us off as branches of the trunk that unites us. In the tribe all gifts are welcome, and rotating roles do not create boredom or saturation. In the tribes there are so many brothers and sisters that the sharing is very rich and the models alternate. Now you begin to use aging among friends, and that is to appreciate the tribe. 

We can start earlier and give children the healthy environment where sharing is natural and where there are many references to learn from. The tribe: It is to create love.

From Laura Losada ... Poi from ixlandia

Our Vision

Principios de Armonía / Principles of Harmony

Valores / Values


Explore and share alternative waves of living sovereignty as family,  friends, community and collectivity in balance with the biodiversity and the cosmos by the simple act of becoming humble in our daily actions and zen in our spiritual path guided by love and faithfulness to become part of a better planetary frequency.

Valores / Values

Our Statement of Holistic Unity

Valores / Values


-Protección al medio ambiente / Environmental protection 

-Solidaridad / Solidarity 

-Honestidad / Honesty

-Humildad / Humility 

-Sustentabilidad / Sustainability 

-Coherencia / Coherence 

-Equilibrio / Equilibrium 

-Respeto / Respect 

-Armonía / Harmony 

-Empatía / Empathy 

-Amor / Love 

-Adaptación / Adaptation 

-Compromiso / Compromise 

-Confianza / Trust 

-Dedicación / Dedication 

-Constancia / Constancy 

-Justicia / Justice 

-3 R (reducir, reutilizar y reciclar) / reduce, reuse, recycle 

-Sentido común / Common sense 

-Compartir / Share

Our Statement of Holistic Unity

Our Statement of Holistic Unity

Our Statement of Holistic Unity


About Ancestral Legacy 

We mainly respect and honour our ancestral legacy, mother, father, granma, grandfather, daughter & son, therefore we welcome and embrace different values from the rainbow of cosmovision related to the spirituality or holistic understanding of life

Every single civilization share the same common sense of respect and survival by one simple action, the divine law or the golden wisdom:

"Treat others as you wish to be treated" 

Referring as the fundamental behavior of seeing in others yourself as a mirror of the divine. In numerology is related mainly into the number 108.

The phrase In Lak’ech Ala K’in originates from the Mayan understanding of the human being which they referred to as huinik’lil. Huinik’lil translates as ‘vibrant being.’,  therefore We are all Vibrations.

“In Lak’ech” or “In Lak’ech Ala K’in"

There are two interpretations of the phrase. The traditional interpretation is ‘I am you, and you are me.’ The modern translation is ‘I am another yourself.’ Whichever you prefer, using this greeting is a way to honor the person or object you are addressing.

Many cultures across the globe have a similar greeting.  In India, Namaste is used.  It means, ‘I bow to you’ or more commonly, ‘the light in me honors the light in you.’ Mitakuye Oyasin is the Lakota phrase.  It is used in ceremonies and prayer and translates as ‘we are all related.’

Our Vibration 13:20

Our Statement of Holistic Unity

Our Statement of Holistic Unity


Welcoming the Synchronicity,  that means without chronicity, chronos or without The “Kronos” time, because by Mother Nature  all is spiritual and all is spiral , the no time, The “Kairos” time, the eternal present, the magic moment of existence. 

13 20 Cosmic-Galactic Culture (Kairos)
The frequency of time 13:20 synchronizes the physical body with the mental, emotional and spiritual of human beings to place it in a constant and active "here and now . " The Dream Enchantment tools team is a complete exposition and demonstration of the radial matrix of fourth dimension time and the practical means to agree the 12:60 Materialist Civilization to the Earth time 13:20 in a Cosmic-Galactic Culture .

*It keeps us awake
*Restitutes the authority of the individual
*Corrects moral and social conditions
*Establishes biospheric and planetary peace
*Time is art
*Develop the powers of the fourth dimension
*Telepathy and unconditional love
*The planet belongs to everyone to be loved and cared for by all
*Matter and Spirit are one and the same thing
*Free from fear and diseases end
*Establish the Wavespell of the Planetary Service
*By remaining connected to the galactic solar planetary mind we are synchronized with the Universe.
*Annual rhythm of 13 Moons and 20 Solar Tribes living in harmony.
*A new consciousness springs up, understanding how to protect the human habitat.
*Base of a civilization supported by the Harmonic Resonance principle.

Infinite Sunset

The sound of the waves melting with the harmonic sound of the stones, like a symphony embracing the orchestra of the night to Rise!

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