The Goddess of Sovereignty

In Ancient times Sovereignty was represented by women & goddesses. In our oldest stories, the creative, generative essence of the universe was female, not male; women represented the spiritual and moral axis of the world, and the power of men was predominantly social and channeled to manifest the divine wisdom of the feminine energy, the matter, the mother love vibration.

The ancient stories and lore of place, the foundation-stones both of personal and communal identity, and of moral obligations to the land and the tribe — tell us how so many major features of the landscape came to be named after women, sacred spaces & celebrations.

Ancient pictographs & literature  are filled with stories of powerful women who were incarnations of Sovereignty, the goddess of the land who was its guardian and protector. Sovereignty was the spirit of the Earth itself, the anima mundi, a deeply ecological force.

She’s been treated badly over the centuries, this old goddess of Sovereignty. She became proud of the steps of Humanity but afraid of the Human hands that will destroy her as they walk with ego and power. We betrayed the Sovereignty of Mother Nature. The spirit of Iriria, Kinkara, Guadalupe, Virgen de los Angeles, Gaia, Mari Amalur, Pachamama, are represented in many names as cultures exist on the planet. 

These powerful, complicated divine women who carried with them all the authority of the Otherworld, and the fertile and creative power of the land in all its ambiguity and complexity, were reinvented as saints. And if the qualities they embodied in their specific incarnations didn’t fit the new image of what a good woman should be, they were portrayed simply as ‘fairy women’, or remodelled as promiscuous, pseudo-historical queens.

By the seventeenth century, when a woman could no longer be accepted in any significant position of influence, all that remained of the story of the powerful goddess of Sovereignty were the dreamlike visions or aislings in which she appeared to inspire the poets – a weak, melancholy maiden, romanticised and unreal.

Sisterhood or Sorority are fundamental to assemble the flower of life, hand by hand & in harmony, with the masculine manifestation of the sacred geometry.

Nacaome honours Sovereignty as the spirit of the Earth by integrating ourselves in Love Pillars: Spiritual, Health & Wellness, Food, Mother Nature, Habitat, Financial ... BEe Hummingbird, BEe Feather, BEe Gaia, BEe Inner child, BEe Nest, BEe Honey ... BEe with us ... BEe us...BEe Oneness!

When the King married the Goddess of the Land

In the days when our native traditions predominated, the power of Sovereignty — the power of women — was also the power to determine who should rule the land. In the old myths, Sovereignty’s power was paramount. If the power she bestowed was abused, then we invited disaster.

While there is mutual respect between the two partners – between the goddess and the king, between the land and the people, between nature and culture, between feminine and masculine – then all is in harmony and life is filled with abundance. But when the contract is broken, the fertile land becomes the Wasteland.

And so it is that today we find ourselves in an ailing world, cut off from our roots. So we find ourselves in a Wasteland of unbelonging; in the throes of a worldwide environmental crisis of our own making which threatens the existence of so many species on this planet.

Vagina, yes, vagina. Do not be afraid of her. Part of the understanding of the new world that is going to emerge before your eyes, whether you want it or not, is to realize that our sexual organs have the same geometric mathematical pattern as flowers and fruits; Mmm delicious, isn't it? Nature is God. How many times have not we been drilled into the brain that the flesh is equal sin? Observe: meat is matter, the word matter arises from the Latin mater, just like mother, matter is mother, earth is matter, Mother Earth.

To worship the earth is to welcome the mother in our conceptualization and imagery of the divine. God, Goddess. Let us adore the sun whose light is the semen that penetrates the earth. Let us adore the ocean that is the primal womb where the seeds germinated and where life came from. Reconcile the idea of separation between the spiritual and material. Our body is flesh and it is spirit ❤️

Let's honor once again The Love & Sovereignty of Mother Nature and our Ancient Roots as Humanity in Harmony with the Cosmos!

Part of this text is based on this Writer:

La soberanía es un principio de vida y equilibrio colectivo

Spiritual LOVE / AMOR Espiritual

Health & Wellness LOVE / AMAR la Salud

Health & Wellness LOVE / AMAR la Salud


The Spiritual Path is the path of the school of life of our grandparents / grandmothers, father / mother, sons / daughters along our own family tree that transmits our heritage and memory as unique and unrepeatable beings.

To protect the sovereignty of ancestral cultures is to protect our legacy as humanity.

It is an act of keeping fresh our collective memory of who we are and what we come to be as children of Mother Earth.


El Camino Espiritual es el camino de la escuela de la vida de nuestros abuelos/abuelas, padre/madre, hijos/hijas a lo largo de nuestro propio árbol genealógico que transmite nuestra herencia y memoria como seres únicos e irrepetibles. 

Proteger la soberanía de las culturas ancestrales es proteger nuestro legado como humanidad. 

Siendo éste un acto de mantener fresca nuestra memoria colectiva de quiénes somos y a qu venimos como hijos de la Madre Tierra.

Health & Wellness LOVE / AMAR la Salud

Health & Wellness LOVE / AMAR la Salud

Health & Wellness LOVE / AMAR la Salud


Our inside waters are the equilibrium of our outside temple, our temple is our body and our body is mainly water. Clear your inside waters to get clarity in your daily actions, coherence generates memories in our DNA as water records thoughts and emotions.

Let us manifest an extended chapter in your waters to become a true fountain of abundance by healing your heart, mind and body.

Food LOVE / AMOR Alimenticio

Health & Wellness LOVE / AMAR la Salud

Mother Nature LOVE / AMOR a la Madre Tierra


Embrace the earth, embrace the moon cycle, embrace the farmers and embrace the biodiversity to manifest abundance every day because what we plant with love is what we harvest and share on our daily food.

We support you to empower the ancient alchemy of your land from Bio dynamic and  Agroforestry to Spiritual Offerings. 

Mother Nature LOVE / AMOR a la Madre Tierra

Mother Nature LOVE / AMOR a la Madre Tierra

Mother Nature LOVE / AMOR a la Madre Tierra


We ALL are children of Mother Nature and we all have the divine right to be recognized as pure as the inner waters of our mothers,  our planet and our body. 

Our collective consciousness is also part of our collective responsibility to become true Ambassadors and protectors of Pachamama.

What is above is below!

Habitat LOVE / AMOR al Habitat

Mother Nature LOVE / AMOR a la Madre Tierra

Financial LOVE / AMOR Financiero


Sacred geometry is part of nature,  part of the cosmos, part of our own body and part of our needs of biomagnetic field in every single place we choose and share with our loved ones.

Finding the equilibrium of the Toroidal field is our habitat is finding the balance in the Tao Dao and Wu Wei of the Zen path of life and existence.

Financial LOVE / AMOR Financiero

Mother Nature LOVE / AMOR a la Madre Tierra

Financial LOVE / AMOR Financiero


We support your financial needs by manifesting Art in Life, developing sacred pendants of gratitude for your corporation and events that will be aligned to Climate Investment strategies, venture capital, Angel investors and so much to re discover together. 

The Alebrije Seal for Nacaome


The Cosmogony side of Nacaome´s Seal

The Ajebrije concept comes mainly from Oaxaca, México, the land of María Sabina and the Sacred Magic Mushrooms;  it is said that they are Spiritual Avatars from our dreams and creativity. 

We made the call of our own Avatar into Alebrije to guide us and remind us of the reason we are to manifest in love and coherence all our Artistic Cosmovision in our daily life. 

The main element is The Blue Humming Bird, representing the Blue Gold or Divine Water, that has in its own body the "Ojo de Dios" or "Eye of God" based on the Wirrarikas Art as Universal expression of the 3rd eye of consciousness.  The Qori Q'Ente Hummingbird,  flies on top of the front head of  Feline Energy manifested by The Panther, The Jaguar, and The Bob Cat. Representing the Femme & Lunar activation of the Pineal, our natural DMT of Collective Consciousness to fly deep into the polarity and integration of the Oneness.

The horns of a deer are assemble as ether and alignment of stars from the Cosmic Tribe by representing The Blue Deer of the Peyote Plant that inspires people all over the planet with the bead glass art of the Origin Tribes. 

The Theobromine stays on top of the Cielo Nocturno or Night Sky as starry cosmovision of the Cacao as the Golden Wisdom, Trade Currency & Sacred Perceptions Plant to empower the Heart to be aligned with the Thoughts, to stay present in Love Actions.

The bifurcated tongue of the Feline reminds us of the magic of our words from the conscious act of speaking with love for Iriria, the Spirit of Mother Nature. As well the bird´s beak transforms into Snake, guides us as the arrow of wisdom from the Ayahuasca Plant from the Origin Tribes of the  Amazon.

The Full Moon Cycle & The Solar Eclipse Cycle, converge into a circle of protection of 108 stages of the multidimensional creations of the creator, as sacred number all over the planet, reminds us all that humanity should act in love & humble to serve the divine universal path. 

The Metatron Cube stays on the back layer as the whisper of the Platonic Solids and the Alchemia of our own actions and perceptions in life experiences. Our inside waters vibrate on the same frequency as the sacred geometry as long as we increase our Universal Love. 

The hexagon, Merkabah, circumscribed in the outer polygon of the main triangles that represent the Yin femininity and that of the Yang masculinity; symbolizes the ancestral memory of the Queen BEe and the collective capacity to Co-Create & Co-Manifest Matter, The Mother,  as key energy to re-unify the human and social pillars of harmony.

The Galaxy is represented by the stars like a Magical Compass to navigate in life and the  Nacaome name gets guided by the Moon, Venus, Orion & Pleiades to remember our spiritual essencess by having human experiences all together as Rainbow Family to assemble  once again the Flower of Life! Guided by the wisdom of the Spiderweb & Collective Weavers!

The  Auseklis, this is the most important ancient symbol  which is with the references of the night. In Ancient Civilizations, its the Night Sun or Midnight Star as it is associated with Winter, the Winter Solstice and the protection from evil and shadows of the underworld. In modern times, after the 8th century, later paganism changed it to the more worldly Venus, or Morning Star, but still remained a Guardian Star rather than the greater collective woman of Aurora, who is the symbol of the in-between time just like the Evening Star at dusk. This is the time when the veil is thin and both the dream or energy worlds (some call the land of the dead) and the waking dream or waking life meet together at the crossroads. After the shamanic cultures and goddess cultures waned, the remains (pagan) called it the morning star, the usher of the new day.

Therefore :

"The Ancient Path is the Eternal Compass"

 Written by The Nacaome Beehive Tribe  

Ah yum hunab ku evam maya e maho!
Sea la paz de la naturaleza del cosmos en todos y en cada uno!
Let the peace of the nature of the cosmos be in everyone and in everything!  



The Artistry side of Nacaome´s Seal

Our inspirations is Nature and all the multidimensional shapes of "The Creation" by the kingdom of Animals, Insects, Minerals, Plants, Stars and so many layers in between.

None artist, architect, designer can go beyond Mother Nature Art Expression in her ethereal metamorphosis of redesigning the existance by cause and effect but mainly recollecting wise data base from all the mistakes , failures, errors of her own creations to re set DNA  and give birth to new magical beings and experiences; in a loop of love for ethernity.


The Spiritual side of Nacaome´s Seal

As part of our approach to understand deeper the ancient cultures, we share life experiences with the "Pueblos Originarios" or "Origin Tribes".

Learn from their visions and cosmivisions about the simplicity of their existance but also the magical side of it that follows the Spiritual Path of their sacred perception about Nature & Human Nature. 

How deep and important is their interaction with all the living creatures of the universe from down to up from sky to underworld. 

The Gratitude Pendant

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