Feminine Lineage

"And there comes a day when you hear yourself  talking like her, cooking like her, scolding like her, singing like her, teaching like her, dancing like her, writing like her, crying like her.

And there comes a day when those giant shoes that you tried so much are worth you, and you can walk her footprint.

And with each step you understand everything you ever criticized.

And you understand the limits, the challenges, the anger, the worries, the fears.

And you appreciate that she was there, accompanying you closely, caring, watching.

And you appreciate their efforts, their sacrifices, their time.

There comes a day when you look in the mirror and see her.

Because a few months we were inside her but she will always be inside us; as we all be inside Mother Nature".

Giving back to Nature and the Children of Pachamama

MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center

MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center

MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center


Alliance of Nacaome Foundation with the MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center, The MEER Center Mexico; to strengthen the capacity to respond to global climate change, taking  actions in collaboration with researchers from US, UK and Mexico to develop educational programs for climate change awareness and mitigation.

The Maya Environmental Education and

Research Center was stablished in 2006.

For over a decade, the MEER center has

provided several environmental education

workshops for school children and their


At least once a year, a group of students from

other country visit the center to share this

educational experience, and learn more on

biodiversity, and climate change.

Since 2012, the center has also provided CSR

advice and developed CSR programs to local

hotels, and non-profit organizations.

MEER Center also provides CSR experiences for

guests of incentive groups or families.

All our programs and activities are aligned with

the Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N.


Started in 2006 with an holistic vision of wellness and its correlation with the human  impact on the ecosystem, creating the need of a sustainable development.

It is based on the four pillars of sustainability: The effective planning of sustainability; the maximizing of social and economic benefits for local community; the reduction of negative impacts to cultural heritage and the reduction of negative impacts to the environment.


It is performed on a weekly basis, with the kind 

support of local school  teachers. This workshop 

cover the most important topics that help modify bad habits and transform them in sustainable attitudes. 

We aim to produce everlasting transformation that could be easily replicated at home by relatives or neighbors. Once a month, we work with parents and other adults, to reinforce the notions of what 

their children have learnt, and value them.


This program consists in making a Pledge to Preserve our Community. 

Participants are school children that will engage in the adequate waste management at their school, 

their home and their neighborhood, This program is connected to the Environmental Education 

Workshop and the Bike to the Future program.

The main goal of this interconnection is to keep 

working with the participants until the notions for sustainability have been embraced.

Over 200 children have participated in this program.


Provides bicycles to children ages 9-15 in secluded Maya Villages after they have completed the MEER Center environmental education 


With our follow up program Commitment with My 

Community, children receiving a bicycle also 

commit to looking after their neighborhood, keeping trash off the ground.

Over 200 children have participated in this program.


Youth cycling team evolved from the Bike to the 

Future Program.

This team offers to the Maya youth the opportunity to train and participate in cycling races in the Yucatán peninsula, without it being an 

extra expense to their families. Those that perform above the standard are trained to participate in nationwide competitions.


It is a program that aims to deliver each student a backpack full of all the school supplies needed to 

complete a school term.

To perform this program, we rely on the donation of the school supplies. 

A great outreach opportunity is to prepare the school kits and bring them personally to the 

students in need.

Over 400 children have participated in this program.


It is a mobile facility that allow participants from 

remote areas in the Maya rainforest to be exposed to instruments not available at their schools, and for acquiring notions and performing experiments that will increase their understanding on their surroundings, the importance of biodiversity and the threats it faces. 

This is an itinerant laboratory that is set at different school classrooms for a day, allowing 

students, teachers and parents to learn along their children. 

Over 100 people have participated in this lab.


Consists on monitoring the local population, to control chronic diseases such as diabetes, high 

blood pressure, arthritis, and help them prevent obesity and malnutrition.

We also provide advice on a Healthy lifestyle, 

providing special attention to elders, women and children.

This program is coordinated with physicians from various specialties, who visit us at least once a year, providing free consultation and medicine for 

those who require them.

Over 800 people have received medical attention.


Started in 2010 and focuses on improving the yield 

of backyard edible gardens, sharing Permaculture advice, and providing an insight on Eco 

technologies, such as rain harvesting and efficient 

irrigation systems. 

Organic and all natural fertilizers and plague control tonics are produced and bottled to sell along with the surplus products from the 



We encourage the local women to sell 

their surplus product, and to transform it whenever possible into preserved jams, sauces, marmalades, and pickled chilli peppers; among many products they have developed, according 

to the harvesting season.

Handcrafts, honey, insect repellent are also available for sale.


Depends on donations and sponsorships. These outings reinforce in the participants the basic notions on identity, heritage, traditions, 

geography, botany, zoology, ecology, 

biodiversity, human rights, equality, fraternity, 

tolerance and respect. 

Over 300 participants have traveled around the Yucatán península.


Provide a platform in which schools from other places in Mexico, USA or Canada visit the MEER 

Center for a day or a week, and engage in 

educational activities related to better understanding our environment, and the 

balance that only sustainability can 

provide towards the preservation of the 



Share with your family only the wonderful experience of learning directly from the source how the rainforest sustainability is necessary.

Visit secret Maya vestiges and prepare your own meal following directions from the local women. 

Trek around while the meal is cooked and engage in games and other activities with local children, 

Adjust the activities and locations according to your personal plan.

NACAOME, MAYA & MEER are Based on the Sustainable development goals.

Trigonario Urbano Cab

MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center

MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center


Meliponiculture is the breeding and management of stingless bees and receives this name because this type of bees is classified taxonomically within the Meliponini tribe, 46 species have been recorded in Mexico, and 20 species in the Yucatan Peninsula. 10 genera, Many of them have a high potential in the production of honey and pollination of crops.

Meliponiculture concept of Trigonario Urbano Cab.

The Trigo / melipo nicultura is the art of breeding and handling (respectful) of stingless bees. The closest to its nature.

To obtain a benefit:

direct (pollination: food and environmental service)

indirect (products of the hive: in a sustainable way)


Raising the population of Playa del Carmen to the hotel, construction sector. And especially to children and adolescents from different schools. On the importance of bees to the natural environment, and the consequences of the growth of the urban sprawl, the hotel complexes along the 200 kilometers of the Mayan Riviera. 

And the rescue of the native pollinating insects that are in danger in the municipality of solidarity Q. Roo. and preserve the Art of "bee farming". Preservation of stingless native bees 11 species

Our Strategic Objectives to support with you:

1.-Urban rescues of stingless bees in the municipality of solidarity.

2.-Workshops focused on the conservation of native bees and necta-pollenifera plants of the region.

3.-Workshops on the importance of native bees (environmental service of pollination)

4.-Create a mixed meliponario (11 species) urban community.

Written by Efrain Cab

The Integral Care Center CEAI

MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center

The Integral Care Center CEAI


What is CEAI?

 The special needs school here by popularly referred as Escuelita was first runned as an

Equine therapy center.

 The Equine Therapy Center of Playa Del Carmen AC was initiated by the concern of

some parents of children with disabilities interested in rehabilitating and improving the

quality of life of their children.

 The Center was formed on March 18, 2008, for children and youth with physical injuries

and physical disabilities, mental, sensory. For this, the parents were trained and learned

to ride and work on horses in order to help children with Equine therapies.

 There are two mothers who have been trained by APAC (Association for People with

Cerebral Palsy, located in the Federal District) and three professional therapist working

at the center.

 From 2015 the Equine therapy development into other therapies like aqua, occupational,

dog, physical and music therapy.

 Which led to having a center in 2010 where by kids can receive formal education and most of the therapies in one place taking into account their needs.

 The schools runs from Monday to Friday and they have an average of 12 kids. Before the kids are enrolled they are evaluated by professional therapist to determine what best suits them.

 The school have a yearly organized lessons and therapies according to the different

abilities their alumni have

What activities do we offer?

As a community based Organisation we try to do the best to our alumni with the available resources we have. 

The alumni’s re attended by professional teachers who lead different therapies according to the needs of the kids. The teachers make sure they have one on one time with the alumni’s to cover on whatever they little points or activities they had missed during the regular classes.

 Music therapy:They use music and acoustic stimuli, generating a sensory experience that will allow students to develop emotional, social and psycho-physiologically.

 Dog therapy: Therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. The goal is to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning.  Advocates state that dogs can be useful for educational and motivational effectiveness for participants.

 Aquatic therapy: Aquatic therapy refers to water-based treatments or exercises of

therapeutic intent of rehabilitation. Treatments and exercises are performed while floating, partially submerged, or fully submerged in water. 

Aquatic therapy procedures require constant attendance by a trained therapist, and are performed in a pool. Rehabilitation commonly focuses on improving the physical function associated with illness, injury, or disability. 

For some genuine reasons the school has stopped conducting this therapy. The director of the school is finding ways to resume the aquatic therapy.

 Occupational therapy: This refers to a form of therapy for those recuperating from physical or mental illness that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life. 

The teachers conduct daily activities like what day is today, kind of weather (sunny, cloudy, rainy etc.). 

The teachers try to focus on the daily activities and making efforts on how the kids can earn a job in future. The professional therapist also focus on encouraging the kids to be more independent.

Ancestral Aquifer Alliance


The Integral Care Center CEAI


We express the importance of preserving the ancestrality of our waters as a source of life on a planetary level.

Our main goal to regulate and protect by law the waters of the planet, we became part of the Ancestral Aquifer Alliance, "AAA" to be part and promoters of the declaration of the decalogue for the preservation of the aquifer, hand by hand with international organizations that do care about the underground water.

The AAA, brings to the table the perception from the Ancestral and Sacred point of view of our waters as part of our living Mother Nature. 

I.-The reconfiguration of ancient memories within the feminine sacred & the masculine sacred that have been sailing since time immemorial in the DNA of Water.

II.-Acceptance and total respect for the water that represents the vital flow of Mother Earth as a living being and with rights of life; Like all other beings on the planet.

III.-The scientific, technological and spiritual research on the measurable and non-measurable understanding of water, its configuration and good use as the most important ally of all humanity.

IV.-The total freedom and sovereignty to recognize all kinds of spiritual and cultural activity to offer and consecrate the divinity of the Waters of Mother Earth through regional or private festivities that guarantee the proper use of ceremonial spaces such as temples, vestiges , energy points, bio sacred regions, caves, cenotes, underground rivers or any deity related to fertility, water and Mother Earth in its different forms and expression. Like the Days of Peace and Dignity, The Sowing of Crystals and any conscious positive act worldwide.

V.-The Ancestral Cosmogony and the lineage of the Original Peoples, is essential to recognize the ancient memory of the waters of the planet. His wisdom is honored and integrated with respect to rites, uses and customs within the astral cycles and cycles of the Sun / Moon as a symbiosis of Solilunar Cycles that are aligned to the Equinoxes and Solstices in their pilgrimages, festivities and offerings for planting and preservation of Pure Bioenergetic Seeds and the eradication of the use of patented seeds, such as the case of old corn and the Law of Promotion and Protection of Native Corn and its Variables as Food Heritage.

VI.-The total restoration of the natural order of the animal & plant kingdom, freedom to live in biological corridors across the continents without territorial limitations that alter their natural cycles; the right of life of the nahuales and power animals as guardians and sacred messengers of Mother Earth.

We join the declaration of the International Meeting of the Renaissance of Humanity for spiritual evolution, the transcendence of being and universal fraternity.

We join the declaration of the Decalogue of the Water Sensitive Territory, aquifer, territory and society, constituting explicit recognition of the fundamental principle:

"The most important element in the karst system is water (underground-surface) and the connectivity between its elements is the key to socio-environmental balance and its natural vocation."

With the aim of extending this to many more bio regions across the planet where more proposals and solutions are added to restore the natural balance and quality of life of our waters as humanity in symbiosis with beings from all over the planet.

We share the emblem of the Water-Sensitive Territory & Ancestral Aquifer Alliance to all beings of light that resonate in the preservation of our ancestral memory, by Our Waters!

We extend an invitation to all corners of Planet Earth to share strategic information in the measurable monitoring of the Waters and thus support from ancient times with world movements that can support us from the sowing of quartz, songs to the water, meditations, offerings and other actions that add the reactivation of the oldest memories of water and its sacred geometry of its divinity as an elixir that nourishes life.

"It is our waters that move, those that circulate, those that spring. Stagnant waters - that when receiving the light of consciousness - open up and reveal truths, secrets that challenge us to feel, to release the memories that emerge from oblivion .

Our arrow is oriented towards life. Our arrow is oriented to guard the memory of the original codes of life. Water is emotion, feeling, blood, DNA, ancestors, it is the origin. The NOT FORGOT of our thread of life is the arrow of these times. To remember. Not to repeat the damage of the unconsciousness of the past. "

P. Todd





Practical Workshop:

To contribute to the principle that "for a people who do not know their past their future becomes uncertain", workshop "La Raíz" presents the pedagogical program "Learning with the hands".

That he makes a general tour through the history of culture and art using creative techniques. Through playful activities chronologically advances in different cultures and historical periods. It is offered thus to participant the opportunity to create a personal gallery where each piece has a contextual relationship with the characteristics of each theme.

The theory is worked on with the playful activities, in this way while the subject is explained to the students, they will be making a piece created with their hands, added to this the theme will be reinforced with environmental music chord, multimedia tools are also used to show documentaries or video clips.

The interest of this program is to provide the participants with an overview of what has happened through the time with our civilizations, provide information to their cultural baggage, amplify their knowledge as soon as to its identity and that can be recognized in the great path that the human has made from the caves to the modern buildings in which we now develop, make it aware that despite our differences, we have a common origin and we are the consequence of all the past history.

Written by Ramiro Ruiz





Practical Workshop:

Practical workshop for the construction of masks with reusable materials, characterized in stages of perception based on three questions:

 Who do they say I am?

 Who do I say I am?

 Who am I?

The function is double:

 On the one hand give the participant knowledge about techniques such as cardboard to assess the possibilities of materials considered "waste" due to the fact that in our environment they are limited to mere "packaging" and "disposable" functions.

 The theme is the second key point of the activities. Being a "face" that is intended to build, the individual, from the issues raised, creates a link to the object in process and brings it closer to self-observation.

 The program raises the need to take into account basic questions that collaborate to the integral growth of the individuals for a communal property, combining it with creative work.


 appreciation

 expression

 contextualization


Three open questions about the "I" are formulated, seeking with this to involve the participant with his sensitivity and mentality.

Reflection of the different perspectives on the resulting objects.


Who do they say I am? Write ideas about the

vision that is created or expected from each one. Stereotypes and taboos. Match these ideas with graphic, chromatic, decorative elements, etc.

Written by Ramiro Ruiz 

Community solutions by Common Unity

Sustainable Energies

Living Museum of Native Trees, “Native Root”.

Living Museum of Native Trees, “Native Root”.


 Under development of new proposals for your habitat solutions.  

Living Museum of Native Trees, “Native Root”.

Living Museum of Native Trees, “Native Root”.

Living Museum of Native Trees, “Native Root”.


A walk that you can not miss, in the Heart of Playa del Carmen.

In the middle of the bustle of the 5th. Avenue , its modernity and cosmopolitan air, discover secrets of nature, which remains expectant: The Living Museum of Native Trees, “Native Root”.

Grandfather trees that tell us their history, their link with the Mayan worldview, their biology and environmental importance, and allow us to understand how they have survived the maelstrom of urban life and the modernity of the city.

But above all, it is a call to look at urban trees like those old neighbors who give us quality of life. 

Either for its environmental services, for the benefits that its fruits or its elements give us, for the natural value of its species and, above all, for the symbolic representation that adds to the cultural identity of the area.

Enter the magical world of native trees within the city.


Aluxe, the MAYA´s Ambassador.

The sacred jungle is the sacred home of the sacred elements. The Aluxe is the guardian of Pachamama  and he is the Ambassador of the Ancestral Acuifer Alliance as one heart tribe! 

Our magical friend will guide us to an unique journey deep inside the Cosmic Jungle as Aluxes they know the way, the path, the white (Sac) path (Be) , the Sac´Be of The Magic Jungle Experience!

Wirrarika's Art

Wirrarika are one of the most amazing, magical and creative indigenous communities in Mexico and all over Americas. The guardians of the Blue Deer and Spiritual Father Fire.

We are supporting a family project to build a children's school to teach them their language and traditions.

Join us to make the dream into something beautiful at their community.

Lab for future campaigns related to preservation of nature!

The Tiger Crab

"We trust & support enviromental identity"

The Tapir or Danta


Its scientific name is Aegla concepcionensis and it belongs to a family that subsists in fresh water. It is a decapod crustacean that measures between 2 and 3 centimeters. It was believed extinct until 2004, when UdeC researchers found specimens in the Cárcamo estuary, Costa Rica.

We are willing to support the preservation projects by creating our own cosmovision of how the tiger crab could also manifest  sensibility to the mangrove swamp and the rest of the ecosystem from the rivers to the sea wildlife.

Please contact us to support the environment!

Technical data taken from the Cientific park PACYT:

The Tapir or Danta

"We trust & support enviromental identity"

The Tapir or Danta


Our goal is to preserve wildlife taking as iconic and emblematic animal, The Jaguar, nevertheless to be able to preserve their natural environment and food resources we most focus in other species such as Deer and Tapir. Why?

If peaceful animals, unable to defend them self from humans, are preserved and protected therefore the magnificent Jaguar will be able to eat and walk freely into the wilderness of Mother Nature.

Icons like the beautiful Tapir, also give us the opportunity to touch the children's heart because they look cute and their similarities to elephant trunk. That creates an immediater reaction to the children, the wonder of who they are and why they look that way.

Preservation programs most begin with Love and we most Love what we are willing to honor and protect !

If you are already working on the preservation of the Tapir, please do not hesitate to contact us and talk about possible ways to extend the preserved land all over Latin America as one unique natural reserve that could go beyond borders and Nations. 

Costa Rica is moving forward with amazing response from community and Government, what else could be done to recover the natural paths of wildlife from North, Central and South Americas?

"We trust & support enviromental identity"

"We trust & support enviromental identity"

"We trust & support enviromental identity"


Project: Cultural, Civil & Environmental Association

Commercial Name: NACAOME A.C.

Pillars: Re Collect // Re Use // Re Cycle // Re Generate

Slogan: "We trust & support enviromental identity"

Objective: Generate social awareness on the importance of collecting household and industrial waste for its reuse or recycling; implementing community initiatives in favor of a more friendly environment to the ecosystem of today and future generations.

History: In January 2003, the first group of specialists was formed with a projection to environmental issues with visions in areas such as architecture, agriculture, engineering, sociology and education among other branches of great importance that are the main gears for analyzing and structuring proposals for action immediate with self-sustainability in the long term. 

This group brought together people from Latin America, Asia and Europe working pro actively through networks of work on the Internet, carrying out "in situ" scalable ecological prototypes to alternative eco-friendly solutions in society.

Having an arduous participation in the formation of tripartite bodies (Government / Companies / Associations), such as the COEPA (State Council for the Protection of the Environment) created in 2003 in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, having work tables with society and these three sectors to put to the surface real problems and plan joint solutions with respect to environmental issues.

At the same time as a group we also supported national campaigns (2003/2004 Mexico) of social conscience for the correct separation of organic and inorganic waste, working on the whole campaign concept and social connection strategy to be able to implement these actions.

Conforming this way a global campaign via Internet within social networks (Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, Argentina, Canada, USA) of conscience by means of three logos representative of the "RE" and that today make up the official Environmental icons of "FUSION RESPONSABLE", with the slogan "We trust & support enviromental identity".

Initiative: Since 2005, an experimental artistic production workshop has been set up in the Mexican Caribbean of the Riviera Maya, well known as Cueva Jaguar, the house of PermArquitectura prototypes. One of its main objectives is the production of object art and the production of furniture designed and built with industrial waste under a very specific theme. 

Strong of REuse and REgeneration of materials. 

Currently FUSION RESPONSABLE, It expands its borders in Asia and Latin America, constantly collaborating with governments, entrepreneurs and associations to create a conscious level of awareness in today's society.

Also supporting from 2016 to 2018 the Consejo Sostenible de la Riviera Maya as Active Members. (The Riviera Maya Sustainable Council).

Due to this, the initiative arises to form a base in Costa Rica in the city of Santa Elena, PZ. in the second quarter of 2020, in a first stage of collection of industrial waste, specifically reusable. Through a very well structured campaign with the support of schools and printing centers in the area. 

Supporting the educational centers with containers  for the capture of the matter under formal long-term agreements that allow to collect the waste periodically within their facilities and to be able to subsequently climb to the aluminum, PET, glass, etc.

Companies that consume considerable margins of paper and discard it daily will also be an important part of the organized collection; thus encouraging employees to be more aware of the management of resources in the office.

At the same time agreements will be generated to give courses / workshops to young people and adults on various topics related to education and ecological awareness at a practical and simple level to make learning enjoyable collectively within the facilities of educational centers.

The Nacaome Group, reiterates the importance of joining forces and working constantly in the struggle to recover and preserve the heritage of all humanity and the beings that cohabit it.

The Pachamama Journey

We invite you to search for documentaries and movies related to Pachamama, Mother Nature, Gaia, Ayahuasca, DMT, Consciousness and mainly Animes that will bring back your innerchild to play!

The Gratitude Pendant

Your support and your contributions will allow us to reach our goals and improve the conditions. Your generous donation will finance our mission.

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