Silent is the ultimate sophistication!

"The light in me honors the light in you."

Listen to Vibrations, The Ultimate Sophistication by Nacaome

After years of self exploration with acoustic intruments, we finally got a beautiful set of Clay, Wood, Metal & Crystal Quartz tools to increase the Vibrations in North and Central America.

Kinkara Dreams

Our vibrations to Kinkara and our offerings to activate the kundaliny of the Earth Mother aligned with the Shala and Open the vortex of Collective Consciousness  Toroidal.

Menú de Ofrendas / Offering Menu

Ah yum hunab ku evam maya e maho! Sea la paz de la naturaleza del cosmos en todos y en cada uno!

High Frequency Vibrations

We invited you to experience live music and digital music based on high frequency instruments and recorded sounds from Mother Nature.

Email us for group experiences. Namaste!

The Gratitude Pendant

Your support and your contributions will allow us to reach our goals and improve the conditions. Your generous donation will finance our mission.

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