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We are here to support you to download your dreams into blueprints to design and build together a poetic atmosphere of music, art, nature, architecture, gastronomy and so much but mainly for human kind gathering in peace and LOVE within Pachamama.

Send us a message to manifest with your team and family the DREAM of the DREAMERS at your sacred land.

Let's bring our Inner Child tuned a high frequency vibrations of Co Creation!

Living Models & Conceptual Solutions

Conceptual ARTISTRY 

Permaculture + Architecture + Plastic Arts

Harmony and sustainability + safety and comfort + warmth and beauty= Living Sculptures 

Designs based on human needs, geographical and climatic conditions, biological and orographic, cultural and vernacular architecture.

Special Project Sustainable Development

Our main goal is manifest Friendship bond to understand the needs and tastes of the member to the habitat or client Research and study of the place to inhabit, geographical and climatic conditions during all seasons, biological to achieve harmony with the environment, orographic to obtain greater sustainable and spatial performance, cultural (harmony in the community or region) and vernacular architecture to save costs in economy and energy during the construction and adaptation process.

Common Unity Projects We Trust and Support the Cosmovision

Cueva Jaguar

Casa Alegria at Chirripo

Casa Alegria at Chirripo


An unique piece of Art House based on Permaculture + Architecture, this is an urban model about making a change in our increasingly towns around the planet.

Our iconic roof garden with a geodesic standing as main element to conquer the top roof of our buildings.

We reduce significantly the heat from straight sunlight and we archive a greenhouse for sprouts and cultural activities.

Since 2010 we started building this place with the intention to become a refugee for wildlife that is passing by as the neighborhood becomes more concrete and less greener.

We are happy to receive thousands of friends & guest around the world to share their perceptions about communitya, service and sustainability.

Casa Alegria at Chirripo

Casa Alegria at Chirripo

Casa Alegria at Chirripo


It is popularly believed that butterflies symbolize the essence of a person, his soul, in all his moments: past, present or future.

The blue color of the butterfly is associated with joy or a change in the situation, so it is believed that the blue butterfly grants wishes.

Visit them, at the amazing Butterfly Sanctuary to learn the  magical metamorphosis of life.

How do  the Insect's wisdom,  carrie so much Art in all the process of their lives?. Perfect spaces for children's education programs and share the beauty of the architectural design and engineering of the geo dome that guards the butterflies as a cocoon.

Family project, run by the most amazing friends you can ever make at Canan de Rivas.

Cultural Bridges

Casa Alegria at Chirripo

Huitzilin Kanan S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V.



"Local policies for development are generally based on the virtuous triangle of sustainability: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental balance.This triangle is not enough nowadays, culture is becoming, thanks in part to the impact of Agenda 21 for culture, in the fourth pillar of sustainable development at the local level Local cultural policies, based on the intrinsic values of culture (creativity, critical knowledge, diversity, memory, ritual ...) are becoming more and more important for democracy and citizenship. "

Agenda XXI of Culture

United Cities and Local Governments


The Quintana Roo Cultura Viva movement initiates a process of citizen management to propose the aesthetic, social and experiential transformation of the spaces formed around and below the bridges built on the Federal Highway called "Cultural Bridges".

This originates with the purpose of generating the planning of "living" circuits where the general public can express diverse cultural activities, thus expressing their symbols, signs, expressions and underlying traditions in the depths of the inhabitants of the city of Playa del Carmen and surroundings.


"Cultural Bridges" aims to intervene harmoniously public spaces, provide the city with a more friendly, clean and quiet image, where passers-by can reflect on the problems of our community and generate solutions, meeting places and dialogue.

The activities and programs to be developed in these spaces will be an emblematic part of the city, a symbol of a new relationship between citizens and their urban and visual environment, and will be of total public and free access.



We firmly believe that as we change our urban environment and the public life of the city, the quality of life of the inhabitants will improve. In this way, by making the streets of the city more attractive, we also contribute to reducing the visually violent and dirty image that prevails around these sites.

This makes the transit through these places more harmonious, reflecting sooner than later a remuneration in the tourist and economic activity of the area, and in the creation of a registered cultural trademark for the city of Playa del Carmen.


The balance between a strong municipal leadership and an organized civil society is a key element so that through the project "Cultural Bridges" co-management between governments, private entities and civil society begins, in search of an integral development for the city and the welfare of all.

The new local cultural policies will be a direct result of thinking about social development in a transversal way, working interdisciplinary with the delegations of education, solidarity, old age, fight against exclusions, etc. but also with the delegations of economy, urbanism or finance.


Among the activities to be carried out for the development of the project, and for the transformation of said spaces, are the following strategic areas to be included which are structured, developed and represented by their respective COMMITTEES:

1.-Art and Culture,

2.-Ecology and Environment,



The COMMITTEES are made up of groups, organizations, associations of civil society and citizens in general of Playa del Carmen who have joined the movement Quintana Roo Cultura Viva.

Huitzilin Kanan S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V.

Huitzilin Kanan S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V.

Huitzilin Kanan S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V.


"The earth does not belong to the human, the human belongs to the earth"

Native Americans 

Community project:

Huitzilin Kanan, fusion of two ancestral languages ​​in Mexican lands means "Huitzilin" hummingbird in Nahuatl and "Kanan" guardian in Maya.

We are small messengers with a mission ... to carry a message to all humanity:

"Let's take care of the land that feeds and nourishes us".

We are hummingbird keepers or guardians of the Mayan jungle by the hand of Mother Nature.

We seek to live in harmony with nature and share the abundance that it provides.

We want to love the earth and love our neighbor, and for this our motto is to share a space without borders or walls that makes us believe in human goodwill and harmony with nature; Gradually we are introducing biodiversity for our sustenance, sharing with the fauna, flora and local community, under a principle of producing to share.

Ah yum hunab ku evam maya e maho!

Sea la paz de la naturaleza del cosmos en todos y en cada uno!

Huitzilin Kanan is a prosperous land for a full and healthy life, with good nutrition and harmonious human relationships based on trust and love.

We are located in the territory of the ejido Otilio Montaño, in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The land destined for the community has an extension of 52 hectares of deciduous lowland forest, in the geographical coordinate 18 ° 59 24.5 N and 88 ° 49 05.9, 56 kilometers away from the city of Bacalar.

Tierras Nativas

Huitzilin Kanan S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V.

Tierras Nativas


The world has finally tipped in favor of a sustainable future.  It is however unfortunately 50 years too late by many estimates. Sustainability has been a driving force for much of the technological advancement deployed today in development strategies.  It is not without gratitude that we move forward in union with these solutions, however with a brighter more illustrious goal set. 

Regenerative is the Goal set of the Future.  Our marks and achievements will be met by how much we put into positively impacting people and planet not how little we take out.  This exhibition and real time case study will employ the efforts of soon becoming and already existing community networks.  

Through the generation of funds with true asset backed land holdings we feel we have developed a frame work for multi-utilitarian platform for block-chain technology to have the greatest impact to the largest demographic.   It is with these Pillars we place all development opportunities within.

Education:  Sovereignty in choosing one’s own adventure.  Beyond higher education to skills developed that provide the tools and resources to integrate the human impact with planetary needs.

Health and wellness:  Sovereignty in empowering the decisions we make to create a health care system that is both preventative and curative rather than symptomatically based.  Melding occidental and oriental systems will integrate a holistic platform that employs current technologies and science with individual based care.

Agriculture:  Sovereign access to the food and nutrition we need linking farmers and consumers directly through block-chain technology lends to less waste, fresher produce and less miles spent on transport each individual item to our face.

All with respect to Native Traditions.

Tierras Nativas (Native Lands), has taken stewardship to a level not observed in many generations.  Beyond tactics and technologies we are crafting a model in tradition and tutelage.  For most of history mankind circled in respect to their impact.  Impact of their environs, their neighbors, the elderly, the young, the yet to born, and their ancestors.  

These conversations were all inclusive and never exclusive.  It was through the wisdom as reflected by elders in a tribe that knowledge was procured through the sharing of information.  This consistently evolving educative process allows for everyone to gain by the input of another.   

Now a circle has been replaced with an oval or rectangular board room, and the conversations seldom discuss even the impact of their own employees on decisions based and scaled to profit margins, market segmentation, budgets, projections, and balance sheets.  Impact once again will be the forefront of process.

Through regenerative science we know we can put more into a system than we take out all while making it profitable.  With this model we extend a portion of this profit share to expanding indigenous territories globally asserting that ALL land is Native Land and will be recognized as such again.  

Through our pillars as listed above we can create opportunity in fields that benefit people of all socio-economic backgrounds by enlisting the support of communities that have worked with respect to the land for all their history.

Tierras Nativas has multiple land holdings secured partnering with existing and soon to be developed communities in Costa Rica, Columbia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, United States, and South Africa.  Through connecting these initial 9 properties we have a model that allows for inter communal travel as well as the sharing and spread of ideas and technologies.  In 5 years we will expand the scope to 27 properties globally.  By maintaining the basic needs of all humans we can, through enterprise, establish sovereignty by way of a currency binding the philosophical core values of what being keepers of this land truly means.

There is no option.  This is the way.  It is collaborative.  It is informative.  It is Regenerative.  It is in humble service to the people and planet.

Join Us.  

The Future is both brave and bright.

Tierras Nativas.

Written by Cassandra & Nicolas Rotundo.