Artistry Ambassadors


Luis Tamani

I am a Peruvian artist from the Amazonian rainforest. I grew up on the banks of the Ucayali River, in Pucallpa. I always have been fascinated by the beauty of the Nature, inspired by the singing of the birds and attracted by the magic of Life. I remember all these stories told by my family about these unexpected occurences... I was always intrigued by all these things that talked about the invisible.

After finishing my studies, Life gu. I do not come from a family where they practice this medicine but, my grandma just knew about plants and their secret. She never studied anything, but she had the knowledge. That knowledge that is revealed to the wisdom hearts from secret channels. The Knowledge that is available here, right now, for each person connected to herself.​

​So I meet the Spirit of Ayahuasca. I "saw" the spirit of birds, the Light of the world and the infinite of the Universe. And I started to paint with a new opening... My creativity were liberated from boundaries. Of course, I don't mean that the use of plant is necessary to open anything... I am just talking about the only way I know, mine.


Nacho Vargas

Craftsman and goldsmith with 15 years of experience. He is winner of the National Silver Design Award 2010, among other awards he has won. His work focuses on Mexican popular culture with a touch of modernity. 

His pieces are exhibited in different museums and galleries around the world and have been the subject of several reports in national and international media. In addition to his work as a plastic artist, Nacho undertakes ecological and social impact projects.


Wicho Fuentes

Born in Monterrey, N. L. Mexico,

Fully self-taught very early in his career he decides

Forget training and traditional use of materials for

To be able to establish a more natural way to print your experiences in a more visceral way and without established parameters, giving his works a sense of creativity. His work is full of feelings that we have normally forgotten, or do not want to face because of our new beliefs.

Using and mixing traditional materials with unconventional materials without a defined technique but with a strength that develops only from pure creativita, working normally with more than 5 blankets at the same time giving the same time and passion to their creations, in this way each piece is unique but establishes an organic connection between the different pieces, and a more unconscious sense to the finished product.

His painting is passion and manages not to lose that magic, the magic of not ceasing to be a child, his work gives the viewer the opportunity to reconnect with the purest feelings, giving us the possibility to shake the routine of ordinary perception, to contemplate the outer and inner world, not as perceived by the obsessed by words and concepts but as the free mind learns.

Has participated in collective 

art exhibitions in Monterrey,

Reynosa Mexico, McAllen Texas

Santa Fe New Mexico, Miami, 

and Telluride Colorado.

First solo exhibition in 2003. 

Workshops in Valle de Bravo, 

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Hong Kong at Mexican Embassy, China.

Macao at The Venetian in the Macao International Festival, China.


Gerardo Orozco Astigarraga

I am a messenger and my way of expression is sculpture.

When I was born, they named me Gerardo as my grandfather, which means brave lancer or strong warrior.

So I went, until I discovered that the warrior attracts war, and I prepared to focus all my energy and intention on love, to create and support beautiful actions and to decree with absolute confidence the healing of humanity and the planet earth.

I am part of the Huitzilin Kanan (Guardian Colibri) community. Huitzilines are small dragons that fly the message from ear to ear, spreading it to all mankind. Kanan however is the guardian who is rooted in the temple, obtaining a complete community of messengers and guardians.

Gerardo contains the letters d-r-a-g-o. The dragon is the channel for energy to flow. Before I was a warrior dragon, now I am a loving dragon.

I decree my dreams through sculptural projects to establish harmony on planet earth, uniting and healing mankind, loving enemies and respecting and honoring nature.

I am originally from the Basque culture in northern Spain. I studied in a small School of Art and I went to the University of the Traveler, knowing different natures, cultures and techniques.

I spent the last 15 years in Mexico, participating in permarquitectura, plastic arts and sustainability projects. Lately I work at festivals spreading the message to everyone because of their interculturality. This decree was in the Own Spirit in Spain in 2019.


I call it "Unity", it is the union between humanity and nature. A large female human body of earth represents the personification (Mari) of Mother Earth (Amalur in Basque mythology).

This became an interactive space.The public took mud baths becoming sculpture (madretierra), and adorned the work with creativity and beautiful intentions.

At the end of the human meeting, we deliver the figurative work to the earth by sowing tree seeds in a beautiful ceremony, leaving it to the natural one with the dream of establishing a small forest there.


Bruno Ferreira [BRUNÓF]

[Veracruz, Ver. México, 1970] Graduated from the Free Workshops of Plastic Arts, from the Universidad Veracruzana, in the city and port of Veracruz. 

He has developed his creative skills in different areas of the visual arts such as muralism, painting, drawing, printmaking, mail art, political cartoon and comic strip, in individual and collective exhibitions both nationally and internationally. In 1999 he participated in the exhibition Postal Art, towards the new millennium, at the Museum of Philately, in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

In 2000 he exhibited at the international exhibition of postal art For a millennium of life: not the death penalty, organized by AUMA: Urgent Action by Mail Art, and Amnesty International, at the Center for Maritime Studies and Activities of the Port of Tarragona, Spain. Selected in 2001 in the 3rd. Biennial International mini-engraving Cluj.2001, at the International Art Museum of Cluj Napoca, Romania. 

In 2002 he participated in the show Un Mundo Nuevo V, 126 Ibero-American artists drawing a meeting in the framework of the 5th Contemporary Art Cycle of La Rábida, in the Atrium of the Caravels Quay of La Rábida, in Huelva, Spain. Honorable mention in 2005 in the 3rd. LM International Cardboard Competition in the city of Nanjin, China. It was part of 19 finalists out of a total of 1805 cartoonists from 79 countries. 

Selected in 2006 to integrate the collective show El Sureste: its plastic diversity, exhibition held within the framework of the Regional Fund for Culture and the Arts South Zone, by the curator Myriam Kaiser, and that toured the states of Yucatan, Chiapas, Tabasco , Campeche, Veracruz and Quintana Roo. National Journalism Award 2007, Cartoon / Humor category. What is exposed here is the result of experimentation, which began in early 2008, with tools derived from new technologies, mainly photoshop, as well as digital tablets. 

Currently published in the following media: Revolucionemos Oaxaca; IMAGEN Veracruz newspaper; and


Jaguar Negro

Ah yum hunab ku evam maya e maho!

Let the peace of the nature of the cosmos be in everything and in everyone!

Family father, lover of nature, architect and engineer (Permarquitecto), Art Curator, Art Collector, born experimenter ...

Unconditional friend of organizations with environmental and social causes such as MAYA Environmental Education and Research Center, The MEER Center Mexico; friend and family to different Origin Tribes such as Wixarikas, Nogbes, Mayas, Borucas, Aztecs, Briris and helper to manifest projects of social initiative for a more conscious and harmonious world.

Participant in competitions such as J. PANNI and UIA (International Union of Architecture) in proposals for sustainable social models.

Constant collaborator of proposals and development programs and urban and sustainable re-ordering at the state level in firms such as TAU (Architecture and Urbanism Workshop) as well as participating in the conceptualization of several magical towns with UNESCO World Heritage certification in Mexico.

Conceptual consultant in local social projects and international sustainable projects such as New Earth Nation.

University studies in analytical programming, gestalt design, architecture and civil engineering.

Participating in graduates of emergent housing construction and sustainable housing with architects such as Shigeru Ban.

Known and friend of many internationally recognized characters who have given their lives to share with love perspectives of a true balance with nature and oneself.

Graduated in various diplomas  related to visual arts such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, photography, museography, etc.

I been professor of architectural design in several public and private universities, as well as I do speeches in elementary and secondary schools about the permarquitectura and the reuse of industrial waste as part of the creative process of the aesthetic-functional design.


Ramiro Ruiz Córdoba

Germán Roberto Romero Martínez

Germán Roberto Romero Martínez

He was born in the city Querétaro on August 14 of 1986, of Nicaraguan parents. 

At an early age shows skill for the plastic arts. Begin your formal education at 16 years at the CEDART Art Education Center "Ignacio Mariano de las Casas "INBA where he gets a scholarship from the teacher Isabel Flores Favila.

Travel and work in different places in Mexico and abroad. At 2006 in Paris, France meets Mexican master Raoul Velasco (co-founder of the atelier "Velasco et Meyer" Association pour l'Estampe et l'Art Populaire) with whom he takes engraving workshop and He collaborates as an assistant. Upon his return to Mexico he lives in Quintana Roo where he works as a set designer at the Iberostar Hotel (2012).

Participates in the cultural dissemination project CAMINARTE of 2010 to 2012. It delves into the communities of Tres Reyes and Coba where teaches cultural workshops.

At age 25 he enters the Visual Arts career in

Universidad Veracruzana graduates in 2016, along with its studies, participates in sculptural projects as in the mural of the Judicial Branch "El tribuno" 40 meters high, authorship of the teacher Teodoro Cano, invited by the teacher Gaudencio Hernández responsible for work, in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, 2013. Prepares the sculpture "Cristo resucitado", of 7 meters high in the municipality of Tlaltetela, Veracruz del 2014 to 2017.

His works full of expressionism reflect the mixed rawness with sublimation that exists in the everyday world and reflections Inherent in being, what ?, why ?, for what? Versatile in terms of materials and processes, manages to develop its own techniques such as "the tangle "(wire used as texture structure). Producer and Constant workshop worker. Full-time worker engaged with the cultural diffusion and the handling of reused materials.


Germán Roberto Romero Martínez

Germán Roberto Romero Martínez

Germán Roberto Romero Martínez

Photographer and independent Producer focused mainly on humanistic themes from a documentary perspective.

He has developed projects in anthropology and applied philosophy, as well as in the area of Cultural Management. Currently promotes editorial projects.


Guillermo Garcia Tello

Germán Roberto Romero Martínez

Guillermo Garcia Tello

50 years (April 26, 1969)

32 years painting, Muralism from small spaces to Monumental Murals, very colorful Mexican Theme praising the values of Our Mexican Culture.

I try when I paint, an Identity Muralism of respect for the Environment and Our Traditions

Alfredo Aguirre

Tereze Strautmane

Tereze Strautmane


Illustrator and graphic designer graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM.

Master in Visual Arts from the Academy of San Carlos. He has published books Illustrated for children and young people in Mexico, USA and Canada.

It has 60 collective exhibitions of poster, illustration and graphic novel in Mexico,

Spain, France, Ukraine, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. In the Palace of

Mining, San Carlos Academy, MUNAL, National Watercolor Museum, Park Bicentennial, CDMX metro, José María Velazco Museum, Casa de Francia, School of Information and Technology of Warsaw, Village of Nerac, France, Puce Cultural Center, Quito, Ecuador, etc.

He was invited as a graphic novel author to the Les Rencontres Chaland Festival in Nerac,

France, 2016. In 2017 he attends the Angoulême Festival in France. Is finishing a graphic novel about Nahui Olin (Carmen Mondragón).

He has taught art and design classes and workshops at different universities in Mexico.

Founder and coordinator of the international collective Birula Gráfica that promotes the use

of cycling and ecological and community values ​​in big cities. Having Exhibitions of cycling graphics in Mexico, Ecuador and Poland. He participated in the Forum Bicycle World Championship in CDMX.

Tereze Strautmane

Tereze Strautmane

Tereze Strautmane



Being a passionate explorer, artist and observer I continue along my path reflecting visions and emotions through various projects as I go. As an educator, I aim to enable connections to inner energies, the cultivation of skills and the exchange of ideas to provoke truer expressions of self from my learners. 

I believe the pinnacle of human existence is the process of creation. Art-related rituals performed alone or shared within a group are precious like prayers, where the presence of a pure inner individual or collective energy guides humanity closer to true love and fulfillment. 


• MFA in Illustration at the University of Hartford, Hartford, CT, US 

• BFA from the Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, LV 

• A year abroad at the Department of Visual and Plastic Arts at Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Veracruz, MX 

Professional Activities: 

• Lecturer at the Visual Communication Department, Hekma School of Design and Architecture, Dar-Al Hekma University, Jeddah, KSA 

• Guest speaker and organizer of art events and workshops 

• Exhibited artwork in personal and group exhibitions in Latvia, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United States, Indonesia 

Recently living in Indonesia I have been involved in charity projects as a producer, art director and head choreographer. 

Natalie Lytvak

Tereze Strautmane

Natalie Lytvak


She has spent her life traveling the world – immersing herself in a multitude of cultures, art influences and fashion.

 While today she lives in Los Angeles, previously she made her home in Kiev, London, Paris, Madrid, Tuscany, Negril and Playa del Carmen. Natalie’s influences cross the spectrum from Parisian fashion to ancient Mayan art having  spent a significant amount of her career involved in fine art gallery curation and restoration.  

Natalie has always been inspired by fashion and began to visually capture her passion with a camera when she moved to Los Angeles resulting in  a significant portfolio of fashion photography over the past several years. 

Natalie’s fashion work has been published in a series of publications. Natalie’s history of experience in fine art and fashion brings couture to what has been traditionally called boudoir.  Her vision, is what makes Sedurre unique.