The Nacaome Tribe, a journey for your spiritual inner child to rise!

The Nacaome Tribe, a journey for your spiritual inner child to rise!

The Nacaome Tribe, a journey for your spiritual inner child to rise!The Nacaome Tribe, a journey for your spiritual inner child to rise!The Nacaome Tribe, a journey for your spiritual inner child to rise!

We are a group of creative entrepreneurs passionate about life and MAGIC of nature, whom we honor in LOVE & ACTION!

About Nacaome Beehive Tribe

What do we do?

We do global networks of Co-creation and we are a trusted bridge to bring together ideas into the matter, dreamers and investors hand by hand.

We share ideas and experiences for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship in a sustainable and environmental cosmovision.

We believe that by opening our visions we all bring the dream of dreamers to ground as a magnificent expression of our true human holistic consciousness in balance with Spiritual Mother Nature. 

We serve by connecting wise people into love actions that matter for real for the good of Pachamama and all living creatures as our true Spiritual Family. 

Why we do it?

Because our mission is to be Artists of our inner child and embrace the planet as our loving home as the cocoon of Magic & Manifestation.

Why don´t we do it? The call is global, the compromise to establish new ways of interaction and become supportive are more deeply needed than ever before.

Our children are embracing to reunite us in love for the good of all living creatures, for the goodwill of humanity, for the spiritual recognition of Mother Nature  Alive as our bitting heart. 

Love & Action!

What does Nacaome mean and why that name was chosen?

Traveling around Central America we met the Ranch of Luis Monge called Nacaome, talking about meaning,  he explained that means Re-Union of Clans.

Later on, we reach with some elders from the Bribri Tribe, Don Marcelino, and they told us Nacaome was a gathering of all clans or tribes from North to South Americas to meet at Central America and make important decisions about Sovereignty of their tribes at the Chirripo Mountain.

Even possible wars were cleared by the Nacaome creating more peaceful societies  and brotherhood as one single family.

Later on we read more about the Cosmic Spheres by Ivar Zapp and his theory just sound fascinated us as with the relation of Nacaome and the Spheres concept as a true place were tribes from North,  Central and South of the Continent used to meet for real; proved by antiques found from Mayas and Incas at Costa Rica, even at Caño Island and also the Mayas had a same celebration at Cozumel Island. 

Nacaome for us means the new call to Re-Unite the clans once again, as what we call, The Flower of Life Nest for The Rainbow Cosmic Family! An invitation to ground the Foundations, The Nacaome's Foundation,  of our Re Union & Re Understanding of our Cultural Diversity as Humans & Ambassadors of Active CultuRe!

The Re of Re-Union, Re-Use, ReCycle, Re-Define our way of life and live in balance with Spiritual Mother Nature! 

Art will guide us as the maximum spiritual expression of the soul! 

"In our culture will speak the spirit"

.::Our written Manifesto ::.

Art is Life

Art is Life & Life is Art, it is the maximum expression of our holistic soul to communicate emotions and feelings from our deepest and sacred existence.

By expressing our inside art, we release our spiritual part into the matter.

In Spanish, "Artesano" is what we call a person that makes artistic hand-crafted pieces. Similarly, "Arte Sano", can mean that Art is healthy, therefore "Arte Sana".  Art heals and art is a healing vehicle to enlighten our inner child and let go of fear, frustration, pain, passion and even joy. It is a means to balance the unlimited possibilities of negative or positive vibrations, from duality to polarity to integration.

Art in Life is a playground state of consciousness, to embrace our inner child and co-create magical spaces in our personal atmosphere to share the Art of Life and life as a poem.

"The spirit will speak for our culture" 

Written by The Nacaome Beehive Tribe 

January 10th 2019.

The Co Creation Spaces

Ambassadors of Active CultuRe



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Nacaome Family

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Kronos & Kairos Time


Cita previa

La inspiracion es eterna y procuramos celebrar la manifestacion del tiempo Kairos en armonia con el Kronos. Los horarios son relativos cuando la vida es un Poema Colectivo.

The inspiration is eternal and we try to celebrate the manifestation of Kairos time in harmony with the Kronos. The schedules are relative when life is a Collective Poem.

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